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Android Auto, Maps, Assistant, message control and passwords updated by Google: the news


Google has recently updated some Android functions from version 6.0: the news concerns Android auto, Maps, Assistant, messages and password control.

Recently, Google has introduced some new features by updating some applications that can be used from Android 6.0.

The news presented by Google on Android Auto, Maps, Assistant, Messages and more: the details

The apps in question are Android Auto, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Messages, TalkBack, and Chrome’s built-in password checker.

Chrome built-in password control

If you own a smartphone with Android 9 or later, you can use the built-in password checker in the Chrome browser on all the passwords that you enter with the auto-fill feature.

The password checker will show you an informational popup that the password you are about to use is no longer secure, either because it is too easy to replicate or because hackers have obtained it from leaked databases on the web.

You can read this Official guide to activate this feature on your Android 9 or later smartphone.

Message app: you can program the text

If you have a smartphone running Android 7.0 or later, you can take advantage of message scheduling in the Google Messages app.

Users can write a message in advance, schedule the delivery time, and the app will take care of the rest.

To activate the function, the user must press and hold the “Send button” to see a pop-up window that will allow them to choose a time and date to be programmed.

You can download the Messages app from the Google Play Store.

Talkback: the feature that makes Android accessible to visually impaired or non-selling users

The Talkback function allows you to navigate the Android operating system without looking at the screen through comments and voice gestures.

It’s a feature born out of collaboration between Google and the blind and visually impaired community to develop more intuitive gestures, a new read control menu, and more.

Talckback is a present function nell’App Android Accessibilty Suite on Google Play Store.

Google Assistant – You can now receive orders even if the phone is locked

User can use Google Assistant even if smartphone is locked: You can use classic voice commands like “Ok Google, set the alarm for 9:00“,”Put rock music on Spotify“.

This was followed by the ability to select the new “Lock Personal Results from Screen” feature, which allows the user to send text messages and make calls with voice commands.

Google Maps has a dark theme

Google Maps now also has a dark theme.

You can permanently activate it in the app settings (tap on your account picture in the upper right), then select Theme and choose “Always Dark Theme”.

Obviously, there is always the possibility to deactivate the dark theme and use the classic “Always in light” theme.

Android Auto updates itself and makes the most of your car screen

The new version of Android Auto now includes quick shortcuts to contacts.

You can ask the assistant for information about the weather and then ask him to adjust the thermostat in enabled cars.

In case you have a fairly large screen, Android Auto now makes better use of multitasking by splitting the screen as well.

For example, users will be able to use the Google Maps application and the music player application on the screen at the same time.

You can now also adjust what appears on your car screen by setting a privacy screen, setting wallpapers, and playing voice-based games like Trivia and “Jeopardy!”

All you need to do is install Android Auto on a smartphone running Android 6.0 or later.

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