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Apple was required to add a score on the ease of repair of the iPhone and MacBook

Apple was required to add a score on the ease of repair of the iPhone and MacBook

Dark (Apple) You have added to some of your products sold in France a “Repairability Score”, which should indicate how much it is possible to repair various hardware failures that appear on the device independently and without accessing the service laboratory. The company was required to add it under a law that took effect this year in the country, and is valid for electronic products of various categories, including smartphones and laptops.

It is interesting to note that while Apple’s iPhone 11 devices, which are still sold in France, received a relatively low score of 4.5, while iPhone 12 series devices received a slightly higher score of six out of ten. Apple explains that the newer iPhones are easier to disassemble compared to their predecessors, and that components that can break down are cheaper than those of the iPhone 11. As for computers, here the score is more uniform between the different models and series and most of Apple. Macs score 6 to 7.

We emphasize that the score is given by Apple at this stage and will not be examined by any external authority, although the manufacturer must rate itself according to clear criteria defined in French law. One of these criteria is the publication of detailed information on how to disassemble the device in an accessible guide for the user. Other manufacturers have taken advantage of this to score higher with relative ease, but it seems like Apple is avoiding it.

In France, it is expected that thanks to the “repair score”, which is also required for televisions, washing machines and many other appliances, the number of faulty appliances that are repaired and not thrown away each year will increase from 40 percent to at least 60 percent. The initiative can be extended to all EU countries.

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