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Android Auto: This is the new Coolwalk interface – Google announces the launch of the new design (video)


Google becomes the infotainment platform android automatic a new design that takes into account the growing number of screens in cars, but should also be used on smaller screens. The new design with the working title, which has been leaked many times in recent months. cool ride Now it has been officially announced and it should bring the new structure, multitasking and a new main navigation.

android car wireless

The last major redesign of Android Auto hasn’t felt like this for a long time, but now the next iteration, officially announced at Google I/O, is just around the corner: the Coolwalk design, which many users have been waiting for, and which we have already presented in detail here on the blog, it will be rolled out to all users over the course of the next few months (“this summer”). Regardless of the size of the screen or smartphone.

The main feature of the new Coolwalk design is that it can be used on both larger and smaller screens. It doesn’t matter if it’s bigger, wider or smaller. You can see this very well in the screenshots below. The new interface is based on a split screen, which determines its division based on settings and display dimensions. There is always one dominant app and on the edge an area with two applets. It can be the media player, messaging apps, notifications, or other things.

The user can always interact with all applications at the same time, so multitasking also takes center stage. However, the surface always remains clear. Depending on the size of the screen, the navigation bar can be moved from the bottom edge to the left or right edge (depending on the driver’s position) and make optimal use of the available space. Just look at the following screenshots.

car android coolwalk 1

android autocoolwalk 2

android autocoolwalk 3

car android coolwalk 4

The new design not only looks more sophisticated and tidy, but it should also strengthen the simultaneous use of applications. Because it’s probably the standard case that you listen to music and browse. Previously, you could only use one of the two and had to place the other one in a mini row at the bottom. This is no longer necessary with the new design. At the same time, it creates a more uniform interface with a view to Google Assistant Driving Mode on the smartphone and the Future with Android Automotive. I already have that in this article summarized.

The deployment of the new platform should take place “this summer”, which, as is well known, may be the case for Google from June to September. After all, the last major Android Auto announcement at Google I/O took a year and a half to roll out. It probably won’t take that long this time.

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