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Android Auto: Use Google’s infotainment platform wirelessly – the handy dongle is now fully operational



Google infotainment platform android auto it relies on a constant connection between the smartphone and the vehicle’s display, which for several years could only be implemented via cable. This is slowly changing and those who want to use the wireless version on unsupported devices will need dongles like AAAwired It has not finished. Now it’s taking off again and will soon be available worldwide.

android car wireless

Much has already been written about using Android Auto wirelessly and this convenient method of use has often been a topic here on the blog, but seen from the crowd, not enough users still benefit from this option. The car display is only used as an external display for the smartphone, so a constant and uninterrupted connection with the smartphone is necessary. For historical reasons, this still has to be done with a USB cable.

Google was slow to bring wireless connectivity to all smartphones and vehicles, so using handy dongles like AAWireless will be essential for years to come if you want to take advantage of this. AAWireless started as a crowdfunding campaign a long time ago and skyrocketed due to the huge profit. Registration support followed and a little later a similar product with Carsifi. Even Google released its own dongle a few months ago in cooperation with Motorola.

A long time has passed since the campaign, the startup had to deal with many problems in production and distribution, but now everything is under control. A few weeks ago it was announced that he would say goodbye to Indiegogo and launch his own online store and global sales. Now the time has come, because a few days ago the website went online, but it is still under construction and has limitations.

The website you are now online and finally presenting the dongle in your own environment. You will find information here and you can also order the dongle, but not yet in the EU area. Regulatory hurdles still need to be resolved before sales in the EU can begin. The dongle can already be ordered from Germany and other countries via Indiegogo, but only later this year via the company’s own solution.

Even if you can’t place an order yet, it’s worth visiting the website to learn about the dongle and how easy it is to use. Either you take the detour through Indiegogo or you wait until the dongle is officially available. Of course, you could also wait for the Motorola version, which always sells out in the US, but there is no word on a possible German release for this Google-supported version.

By the way, the website also mentions “our apps”, which are not yet available. We can’t wait to see what’s to come. Because one thing is for sure: the AAWireless business model works very well today, but over time this will change and the dongle will no longer be necessary. It is very possible that you are already thinking about setting the course for the future.

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