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Android Auto won’t work without these 4 apps

Android Auto is slowly gaining ground and this is also because some vehicle manufacturers have decided to focus on Google’s solution rather than developing (and then having to manage) their own platform for related functionsinfotainment.

Despite being a platform that has some autonomy, Android Auto needs some applications to work and the Google team has decided to underline what seems obvious with a special warning message, with which it reminds users that some applications represent a actual requirement for use.

Android Auto requires the installation of some applications

In particular, there are four applications that the system requires from users: Android Auto, the Google application, Google Maps and Google Text-to-Speech (speech synthesis) and, in the event that one or more of these applications does not have installed, users should see a warning screen like the following, posted by a user on Reddit (note that one of the icons is Google Play Music, an application now abandoned by the American giant):

In practice, without these pre-installed applications, the Android Auto platform is not capable of guaranteeing proper operation and there is probably not much to be surprised about, especially considering that the solution studied by the Mountain View giant is nothing more than relies on its other services to offer users its various functions.

After all, Android Auto should not be seen as a standalone operating system but rather just a platform designed to help users always have some important features at their disposal while driving and, more importantly, without too many distractions (which could prove fatal. ).

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If you have never tried Android Auto and want to download the application, you can do it for free from the Google Play Store with the following badge:

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