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“I had the opportunity to play with Yannick Cahuzac” –

The former forward of the France team, Djibril Cissé had the opportunity to evolve with the captain of the RC lens Yannick Cahuzac under the colors of Bastia. It was in 2014-2015.

During the show The afternoon team, he focused on players like the midfielder. Service players who rarely stand out but are nonetheless essential. He cited the example of Yannick Cahuzac :

« In all the teams there were one or two players like that, who knew that they were not the ones we were going to highlight. But on the other hand, if you had to put your head there or the other didn’t put his foot, they were there. Hats off to these players because we never put them in the spotlight. I had the opportunity to play with Yannick Cahuzac in Bastia. When you are tired and you see him running around to such an extent that in the end his shorts no longer hold, you call yourself a hat … However, you prefer to talk about Cissé’s volley or Leca’s save (note: the goalkeeper of Lensois was also playing for Bastia at the time), rarely from Cahuzac, but it’s this kind of duty player that is needed in a team. »

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