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Portable Document Formats, known around the world by its acronym PDF (Portable Document Format), are universal files compatible with any device you have, since they can be opened on computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets; however, on certain occasions PDFs cannot be viewed on a smartphone. , Why does this happen? What is the solution? we will answer these questions below.

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The files They have many functions, they were mainly created so that anyone can open them from the computer on which they are browsing, likewise, they are important in occasions where, for example, you have to send a budget or invoice, if you share it in an editable format such as Word , you run the risk of modifying the data it contains (prices).

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If you have ever downloaded a PDF document and have not been able to open it on your mobile device , there are three main reasons why what we have just mentioned happens: the first, because the file is damaged, if this is the case it will not be able to be viewed even on a computer, all this is due to an error at the time of save it or because it was downloaded by mistake.

The second reason is because the document may be encrypted, it means that before opening it they will ask you to enter a password, since it has been encrypted by its creator so that only certain people are able to see the content; the third reason, compatibility, means that mobile applications are interfering with the basic functions of the phone.


  • Open the Pdf on another mobile phone. If it is possible to visualize it, the problem is centered on your device.
  • To rule out that your cell phone is not the problem, try opening the document in a . If it does not open, it is a sign that the file is damaged.
  • Current smartphones have their own PDF viewer, but if you have downloaded another one from the Google Play Store, it is surely failing because the app is out of date, so update it to its latest version.
  • Try opening the document with the apps: The , they are the best.
  • Try opening the PDF with Google Drive, it is also compatible and a good choice. To do this, locate the file you downloaded, select it and in the option that says “To open with” accompany a Drive.
  • Restart the mobile phone, it could work.
  • Finally, the best option of all in case none of the above works is to download the program par excellence to view PDFs on any computer, we refer to Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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