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Android: Google delays July security update: why isn’t there an update and what will be included?



Google publishes this the first days of every month android security update, which, in addition to numerous patched security holes, often also has a separate update for pixel smartphones on board. The update for the month of July is long overdue and has taken a long time to arrive by the second day. In the meantime, one can speak of unexpected delays. We’ll show you what to expect.

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Android security update is always released on the first Monday of every month and is rolled out to Pixel smartphones. This is a hard and fast rule that Google hasn’t shaken, with very few exceptions, but July 2022 will apparently be that time again. It’s already Wednesday and the update is still not here. We were already hoping it wouldn’t come on Monday, but all the update-happy watchers and users must have been looking forward to it last night. But it was not published.

Why was there no Android update?
The fact that the update did not arrive on Monday was expected due to the public holiday in the US, since Monday fell on the 4th of July, one of the most important holidays in the US. It has been noted in The whole Technews scene, even outside of Google, which has been a very quiet day. However, Google’s Android update regulations state that if Monday falls on a public holiday, the update will appear on the next business day. That would have been yesterday, July 5.

But there was no security update or pixel update or latest update for Pixel 3a smartphones. But there weren’t any other big announcements from Google either, so you have to assume they’ve given themselves a second day off internally, or at least a day off. Otherwise, it is quite possible that the update is already prepared through WE and sent to the final testing phase, which this time failed. But shouldn’t it be covered by Google’s own rules?

When does the update arrive?
There is no official information, so only a look at the crystal ball will help. Actually, only two dates are conceivable on which the update for the month of July will be released: this Wednesday or next Monday. But that would be July 11, and thus an update that would roll out later than ever. But there are also some arguments against postponing the update until next week.

Samsung released the update for the first few smartphones on Friday and over the weekend and once again it was faster than Google. This has now become the norm, but of course Samsung gets the update from Google, so it’s “done” long ago, at least on the neutral version of Android. There may be delays with individual Pixel smartphones (hello from the Pixel 6), but in principle the bundle could debut.

What will the update bring?
The update will include the Android security update for the month of July, which as usual should patch several dozen vulnerabilities. Also, as usual, there will be a separate pixel update that often fixes other issues and sometimes includes minor functional improvements as well. Pixel 3a users can look forward to the best final update. You can find more details about the expected updates in this article.

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