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Change download folder in Windows 10


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We constantly download things on our computer (images, programs, documents and much more) and these downloads are automatically saved in the same place. This is often very useful as it allows you to keep track of everything you download to your computer. However, if you want all of your files to be stored elsewhere on your computer, there are several options.

Move download folder in Windows

You can easily change the default download folder location from the Download Folder Properties option.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Change browser location

In any web browser, you can easily change the default download location. We’re using Microsoft Edge for illustration, but the process is similar in any browser.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Change the download location in Windows settings

You can also change the default storage location for new content (such as apps, document files, pictures, music, and movies) right in your system settings.

follow our step by step instructions or look at the Quick Start Guide in.

Quick guide: Change downloads in File Explorer

  1. Open Explorer and find your Downloads folder there. make one the right button of the mouse on it and then select “Characteristic“.
  2. In the tab “path“now click the button”Move on…“.
  3. You can then select a desired folder on your computer in which to save your downloads. Then click “Select the folder“.
  4. To save the change now, click “Take the control“. The files in your Downloads folder will be moved to the new location.

Quick guide: Change downloads in the browser

  1. Open your browser and click on that three item menu top right. Then select from the menu “settings” in.
  2. Then select the category “downloads“. In the Firefox browser you will find the settings for downloads if you go to the “General“Scroll down a bit.
  3. Then click “Change“or also”Search“next to option”Location“.
  4. You can then specify a new folder to save your downloads to. After that, click “Select the folder” to save your change.

Quick Guide: Change Downloads in Settings

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut [Windows] + [I]to open Windows Settings.
  2. Then select “system” outside.
  3. Then left click on “Storage“. Then scroll down to the bottom right and click “Change location for new content“.
  4. You will then see a number of different file types for which you can change the save location. Just click on the button next to its icon and select a different drive. Then click “Use” to save the change.

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