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Angeliki: Behind the scenes.

Angeliki: Behind the scenes.

The developments are at their peak, while a respite before the shocking and subversive finale, Natalia Germanou meets the creators and protagonists of the series in a fun special show, which will be screened on Thursday, June 24 at 23:00 . “Angeliki”: Behind the scenes … The creators and the protagonists talk with Natalia Germanou. Right before the end, the stories behind the cameras, everything that happened and the viewers did not see in a special high-level tribute for the series.

Natalia Germanou in her capacity as journalist-presenter but also as a television actress who watches the series constantly stands in front of the director Stefanos Blatso, the screenwriter Panagiotis Iosisfelis and all the protagonists of “Angeliki” and we asked everyone to find out. He enters the set, installs the cameras in the village of Argyres, in different places, and guides us to the environment where the developments were created and executed.

With the two teams in the series, with the cameras at maximum, with a cinematic look, Natalia Germanou asks about everyone and everything and gets answers. For the atmosphere of the shoot, for the companies that were created, for the tricks, for the most moving or funniest moments, the moments that they will not forget and those that will follow them in their next steps. THE “Angeliki»It ends with Natalia, just before the big finale of the series!

Do not miss it! Angeliki: Behind the scenes… The creators and the protagonists speak with Natalia Germanou. Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 p.m. in Alpha.

The “goodbye” of the protagonists – See what they said on camera, just before the last cut was heard

A goodbye is not always just a “goodbye.” It is also the fullness that one feels when something beautiful ends. The “footprint” that he leaves, the one that everyone takes away. “Angeliki”, Alpha’s favorite series, which ends the next two weeks with shocking episodes, will follow us all, protagonists and viewers.

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But also the statements of the protagonists before the camera of “Happy Day” in the last shoot.

“Happy Day” appeared backstage at the latest session of Alpha’s favorite series “Angeliki,” which was loved by viewers, gained a fan base, and became the number one trending topic on Twitter. Read here, what the protagonists said, just before the last cut:

Mary Mina (Angeliki): Our emotions mix. We have not noticed. Nostalgia, excitement… The idea that we have finished has not been metabolized in me.

Dimitra Sigala (Sofia): I find it incredible that 10 months have passed like water. We managed to make a very beautiful series, in the difficulties of quarantine with a lot of passion from everyone, in front of and behind the camera … 10 months went by. With a very nice feeling.

Maria Filippou (Lena): For me, Angeliki was a diamond in my career. He loved Lena. Lena is a host of recognizable women, women that I know and love.

Melpo Kosti (Olga): There is a sadness when a job is finished.

Nikos Psarras (Andreas): Every time a paper finishes, you say “goodbye.” A separation is always difficult. Fortunately, something new begins, so there is hope and joy.

Mariela Doubou (Danae): I am very excited. It charges all week. Everyone created a wonderful atmosphere, actors, actors, team. It’s sad that we won’t be there every day. We have become a family.

Alkistis Ziro (Katerina): I am very charged with emotions. I cried a lot yesterday. I think as soon as the last scene is completed, as soon as the last cut is heard, I will start crying.

See the full excerpt here

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