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If it’s Shiva, he won’t give you the camera!

Although he was a well-known cameraman, there was a studio in the capital that said he would not provide Shiva with a camera. The incident occurred while Shiva was filming documentaries. The studios said they couldn’t provide it because they knew Shiva was operating the camera. Then they brought the camera from Gemini Studios in Chennai.

With that, Shiva wanted to have a movie camera. At that time, he worked hard and earned Rs 5 lakh. The Mitchell Reflex brand has been imported into the California camera. The best camera ever. After using this camera for a while, I wanted to buy an Ariflex that was easier to handle, I bought it in Germany for millions. I thought about starting a film studio with my own two cameras. All recording materials were purchased and land was purchased for the Pongummoottil studio in Thiruvananthapuram.

But when he founded Chithranjali Studio, Lord Shiva gave up his wish and moved all the cameras and equipment to the rooms of his house. Shiva’s chamber would not be rented to anyone. Only he and his children used them for their own movies. The filming of the film was done in his own home at the time. His financial situation worsened with the purchase of the camera and so on. Debt has increased and they may have to foreclose on their home to pay off the loan taken from KFC. Shiva was under the impression that he would not sell the camera even if he lost his home. Eventually the government slowed down to pay off the debt. He made several documentaries to pay off debts and teach his children. Most were profitable. It took eight years of hard work to pay off the debt.

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Shiva and Chandramani have four children. Sangeeth Sivan, Santosh Sivan, Sanjeev Sivan, Saritha. The father and the children were like friends. He had given his children the freedom to put their hands on their father’s shoulders. But the children did not abuse their friendship. He did not fight with them. But his dissatisfaction with his looks or words made his children understand him. If Shiva calls his children “he” and speaks to them, there will be some antipathy behind that. They don’t have the courage to ask.

The name of Shiva’s studio and house in Pongummoodu is ‘Shivans’. He once told this writer that the name was not meant to refer to Lord Shiva, but to Lord Shiva. The friendship between father and son is evident in the name itself. At a time when Lord Shiva and his sons were at the peak of their fame, he was asked a difficult question, ” was the reply. The secret of the growth of Shivan, the cinematographer and director, was his insatiable love for the camera and his unwavering nature no matter how many photos he took. He had no problem with whatever movie it was.

Lord Shiva alias C. Sivasankaran Nair, a native of Harippad, came to Thiruvananthapuram at the age of eight. When his mother, a teacher, got a job at Thiruvananthapuram, Lord Shiva became a native of Thiruvananthapuram. He lifted the lens of his mother’s mirror and turned on the wall lamp for the first time.

During his studies he excelled in sports, theater, classical music and painting. But he decided to study photography when he realized that he could not live on art alone and wanted to know a profession. But I went into many studios in Thiruvananthapuram but no one came close. There is no camera to study on your own. It was then that Thoppil Gopalan Nair, an engineer from Titanium, gave his old camera to Shiva. Shivan, the photographer, started from that camera. He took the photo and became a people’s favorite. He got a job in the public relations department by contract, but it was not confirmed because the school did not pass the final. Shiva later said that it was somehow a blessing or that he would have been chosen as a government official.

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The next stage of growth is with the opening of Shivans Studio near the Secretariat. Politicians and writers approached Lord Shiva. Sathyan and Nazir were regular visitors there. His closeness to film began when he became a fixed photographer for Shrimp. Sathyan was the first to ask Shiva not to take the film. Thus he began to make documentaries. It was at this point that the camera turned to Maryland asking about the incident.

Meanwhile, he tied a very adventurous thali around the neck of the girl he loved. If the story of her wedding and that of Chandramani were told, Lord Shiva would say that there is a lot of suspense and excitement in it. When all the children grew up and went to the movies, Shiva was accompanied by Chandramani. But when they left a few years ago, he was left alone. However, he lived to the end in the memory of his wife. Shivans’ company was built by him as a result of years of hard work. His greatest asset were his intelligent children. They have become an asset not only for Malayalam but also for Indian cinema.