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Angry Birds: Part One returns to Android and iOS

Image: Rovio

With the first part of Angry Birds, one of the first successful mobile games returns to Android and iOS after the game was pulled from stores in 2019. For the current version, developer Rovio switched the engine to Unity and relies on a one-time launch payment of 99 cents.

The new edition of the game is based on the release published in 2012, which was also first available for Android with version 2.2.0, after the release three years earlier exclusively for iOS. The remaster is priced at 99 cents and is titled Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. in the apple app store respectively in the Google Play Store According to Rovio, it contains all the chapters, Easter Eggs, and other extras that were found in the game in 2012.

Switch to Unity Engine

However, it is not a simple relaunch of the previous version, as the CEO of Rovio, Alex Pelletier-Normand. on the company blog explained. Consequently, the original version of Angry Birds was still based on its own proprietary engine, while the new edition was developed from the ground up in Unity to run on the newest smartphones and tablets. However, in terms of the original gameplay, nothing should have changed compared to the version from ten years ago.

We know that our fans are demanding and discover even the smallest differences.executive producer Sami Ronkainen said. Matching the gameplay and appearance to the original was very important to the creators.

No in-app purchases

The new edition dispenses with in-app purchases like Mighty Eagle, which was previously available for an additional fee, to master the most difficult levels. With the help of this bird, in addition to the three-star success, an eagle score of 100 percent can be achieved in all levels.

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