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Animal Crossing Island becomes an Ikea store

The entire island of Animal Crossing New Horizons has been transformed from skidmore101 reward in a real place, that is, an IKEA store.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: when function collides with reality

Building custom islands and worlds has always been part of the charm of Animal crossing me New Horizons continues this proud tradition by offering a wide range of nearly infinite custom skins and items to suit each player’s ambitions.

As a result, players showed no shortage of creativity, recreating in-game equivalents of known pop culture and real-world locations, fromJoey and Chandler’s Apartment of friends to the infamous red bathhouse of the Enchanted city, often posting their creations on social media to help other players get inspired. But no one had converted the entire island before today. in a large IKEA store.

Animal crossing

The feat was performed by Redditor skidmore101, who proudly shared photos of his new island.

Animal crossing

Covering the vast majority of its map, the massive island construction contains full-blown furniture sections, a food court, and a back room filled with canned goods, and the player avatar even comes dressed in the familiar IKEA uniform consisting of in a blue shirt with yellow. stripes, blue pants and a small label.

Animal crossing

Although IKEA is a real place, its ubiquity and meme-like presence in pop culture as a kind of real-world limbo makes it perfect for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a perfect combination between reality and cardboard. The lack of other customers (except villagers) in this digital display case can be a boon for anyone who can’t safely navigate the normal furniture store chaos.

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Because the pandemic prevents free movement in the real world, Animal Crossing games are certainly an effective way to overcome boredom and travel safely.

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