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AORUS C500 GLASS – GIGABYTE Releases New Case for Gaming/Gaming Experience

AORUS C500 GLASS – GIGABYTE Releases New Case for Gaming/Gaming Experience

GIGABYT has introduced the new AORUS C500 GLASS mid-tower gaming case, which was specially developed with an optimized airflow design for exceptional cooling and supports motherboards up to the E-ATX form factor. It also allows installation of water cooling up to 420mm, making extreme cooling and performance possible. In terms of installation, AORUS complements user-friendly design ideas such as excellent cable management, a hinged front panel, and a tempered glass side panel with anti-drop protection for added convenience in use. Versatile RGB color and lighting effects can be configured via RGB FUSION 2.0 software, making the case an ideal base for AORUS systems.

Optimized airflow design
Case airflow design is one of the factors that significantly affects internal cooling performance. The design of the AORUS C500 GLASS is based on top and front panels with large mesh segments and numerous ventilation slots. As a result, more air enters the inside of the case and better heat dissipation is possible. Users can thus enjoy a cooler system with more stable performance.

maximum compatibility
The AORUS C500 GLASS Gaming Case offers users the ideal way to install their AORUS components. Motherboards up to E-ATX form factor, CPU coolers up to 190mm in height, graphics cards up to 420mm in length, and PSUs up to 220mm in length can be installed. The case supports the installation of three 140mm or 120mm fans in the front, two 140mm or three 120mm fans in the top, and one 140mm or two 120mm fans in the rear. The AORUS C500 GLASS comes pre-installed with three 120mm ARGB and PWM fans in the front and another 120mm ARGB and PWM fan in the rear. As for water cooling, it is possible to install radiators up to 420mm in length at the front, up to 360mm at the top and up to 140mm at the rear. At the same time, two 2.5″ SSD and two 3.5″ HDD positions are available, while the 3.5″ HDD positions can also be used to install 2.5″ SSDs. Thanks to the modular design of the drive carriers, installation is even more convenient.

Vertical and horizontal installation
The AORUS C500 GLASS allows a GPU to be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing users to view their graphics card from the perfect angle. The AORUS C500 GLASS takes into account the differences in shape and thickness of different GPUs and therefore has two vertical brackets that support 73mm and 160mm thick cards, thus avoiding compatibility problems.

Excellent cable management
There are some cable guides and holes on the back of the motherboard tray, allowing users to organize cables quickly and easily. Along the edge, the cable guides are slightly wider to increase the space available for cable management and to hide cables more easily. With multiple cables, users can use this space for a clean installation, avoiding the potential problem of too many cables preventing the side panel from closing. The excellent cable management makes a clean build even easier and the airflow in the case more efficient.

Easy installation. Easy to use
Thanks to the hinged front panel, users can install fans and radiators on the front without having to remove the front panel. This not only avoids wiring problems, but also simplifies hardware changes and cleanup. Regarding the installation of the power supply, users can mount the power supply on the bracket in advance and slide it into the case together with the power supply. The case has dust filters on the front, top, and bottom, preventing dust buildup inside and ensuring optimal cooling. The dust filters at the front and top are magnetic and the dust filter at the bottom is removable. This makes cleaning even easier. The AORUS C500 GLASS is equipped with an ARGB and PWM hub that offers five 5V 3-pin ARGB connectors and five PWM connectors. This allows users to connect additional RGB strips or fans and create the gaming PC of their dreams.

Tempered glass panel with drop protection
The 4mm tempered glass side panel is specially designed. When removing it, the side panel must first be tilted. This is not only convenient, but also reduces the risk of accidentally falling off. In addition, the screwless design also improves handling by eliminating potential weak spots in the glass and improving durability.

Versatile front I/O panel with true 11-core cables
The two USB 3.0 ports use 11-core cables, ensuring more stable data transmission. Furthermore, the I/O panel also offers a USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C and an audio connection.