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Apex Legends' new hero is Horizon, a Scottish astrophysicist with "Mastering Gravity".  •

Apex Legends’ new hero is Horizon, a Scottish astrophysicist with “Mastering Gravity”. • TECH GAMING REPORT

In addition, new Olympus maps and Trident vehicles have been teased.

The seventh season of Apex Legends, also known as Ascension, is coming soon. Developer Respawn has revealed a bit more about what players can expect when it goes on sale November 4, including the new playable character Horizon.

in addition Newly released season 7 pages, Respawn describes Horizon as “a good astrophysicist who aims to escape the black hole and use the newly discovered acquisition of gravity to keep promises.” But there’s more to her backstory, and Horizon is a little more inspiring than expected, with a more thorough introduction in a four-minute animated lore trailer full of space travel and betrayal.

Turning to more practical concerns, there is still nothing about how Horizon works from a gameplay perspective, of course, except for a vague reference to her “learning gravity.” Not told, but we hope Respawn embodies and share those details on sale in Season 7’s new Trident Vehicle and Olympus Map (“Beautiful and Green City in the Clouds”). Is approaching.

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As you can imagine, the seventh season of Apex Legends will also introduce new ranked seasons and Battle Passes. The latter includes over 100 new rewards, including Legendary Skins, Apex Packs, and Hollow Spray. There is something new and still a little mysterious. The club also works and is described as a place to “find like-minded players, build communities and stand up together.”

Season 7 of Apex Legends will head to Origin, Xbox One and PS4 on November 4th, with the long-awaited Steam version arriving on the same day. However, the Switch player will have to wait a little longer before joining the Apex Legends action. Recently, Respawn confirmed that it had been ported to the Nintendo platform. Be late next year..