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Apple Clean Preview

Apple Clean Preview

Put away your brand new MacBook Pro, the most important news of the day / week / month / year / decade has reached the newsroom: the cleaning cloth! And for its flagship product at the end of the year (€ 25 anyway), Apple has put the small plates in the large ones, literally judging by the large cardboard box that surrounds the box containing the product.

The packaging is neat and opens with the traditional tab, which once separated reveals the ” polishing cloth Cautiously folded.

First surprise, the fabric is much darker than in Apple’s promotional images. Hidden in the fold is a small box that presents the usual precautions:

Safe to use on all Apple product screens and surfaces. For a rarer cleaning of tough stains, on nanotextured glass, a 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution can be used.

The fabric is surprisingly thick, and is adorned with a stylish Apple logo that will arouse the jealousy of your friends who still clean their screens with “plain” microfiber cloths just like in the Middle Ages. Regarding the dimensions, we can confirm that the product measures 16 x 16 cm and weighs 10.7 grams, which Apple is careful not to specify in your website. You can count on us to reveal the truth.

And does it clean well? Answer to come in our future extremely comprehensive test.

The notches do not resist.