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everything you need to know about the feline


The cat throws the games into the air and does his gesture confuse us? It is a common behavior in the feline, but why does it happen? Let’s find out what are the reasons that push him to do it.

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Play is a fundamental activity in the daily life of the domestic feline. When your cat plays, alone or in the company of its owner, it can give freedom of expression to its darker wild side and its predatory personality. In addition to this, engaging in playful activities allows you to have fun and eliminate all kinds of stress. From time to time, however, we may notice strange gestures in him. Let’s see why the cat throws games in the air.

The cat throws the games into the air: the reasons for the gesture

It is one of the most incomprehensible feline gestures in the eyes of its human master. Actually, all you need to do is look closely at the cat and know a little about its body language. Let’s see, next, why the cat can behave like this while playing.

Micio throws games into the air
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Watch your cat play and express himself, feeling free to move and listen its instinct, is one of the objectives of those who choose to take care of it.

IT IS on nature of the cat running and jumping everywhere, launching himself from the heights and navigating in all the corners and places unknown to him, inside and outside the domestic environment.

Just as in its routine the feline assumes very curious attitudes, typical of a creature of wild origin, the same happens during a quiet activity such as play. Actually play cat satisfies your own instincts natural.

The wild nature of the cat

If you notice that the cat is throwing its toys into the air, you should know that everything It depends her indole, of curiosity and its predatory instinct.

By tossing the games into the air, perhaps on furniture or hiding them somewhere, the feline the beginning a scene hunting and control of its territory. Imagining that he is in the wildest nature, the cat focuses on a prey, follows it and dominating her in each path.

Therefore, the furry servant treats his toys, stuffed animals and puppets suitable for him, as gods. imaginary prey placed in your home adventure. This activity allows the cat to stay active and respect its nature as a hunting animal.

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The cat and the games: how to manage its oddities

When the feline is engaged in his games, it is not only pure fun but an essential practice to remind himself that he is an animal and a predator. But how can you manage your most curious and sometimes risky attitudes at home? Let’s read later.

Cat behavior
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As we said, the feline loves to simulate real hunting scenes while playing. Your need to recreate these images and especially wake up the night Or, anyway, when the sun goes down.

Being a nocturnal creature and capable of seeing very well in the darkest hours, the cat loves to adventure and dedicate yourself what’s more in games while your family sleeps.

The only possible solution for the hyperactive and instinctive cat at night is to keep him busy as much as possible during your day. It is easy to know how to tire the cat through simple tricks for everyone.

The furry friend loves to play and run in all areas of the house. Let us not be surprised by his sudden and instinctive movements, being a animated unpredictable.

It is recommended give safe every corner of the house and garden (if you have one) to protect your cat from household hazards and accidents.

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