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Apple prepares an innovation: it will allow you to unlock your phone with a mask


The new feature, included in iOS 14.5, will use the Apple Watch smartphone for quick identification and unlocking of a mobile phone.

When you bring the iPhone close to your face, it will be unlocked to determine if you own the phone or not, based on whether the user’s Apple Watch is nearby. It is true that the owner of the phone may not allow this action and re-lock the device.

The feature already works on Apple Mac laptops, but due to the prolonged pandemic, the tech giant has decided that it will also be useful for iPhone users.

The coronavirus began to spread in the United States last year. This has prompted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue safe behavior rules to help stop the spread of the virus.

The main recommendation was to wear a mask.

However, this has caused a great deal of outrage among iPhone and other smartphone users as the mask needs to be removed for facial recognition technology to work.

Apple has found a solution to this problem, but it seems likely that it is only available to those who have an Apple Watch smartphone.

Pocket-Lint has announced that a beta version of iOS 14.5 has been released to developers, who have noticed this new feature.

It only works when there is an Apple Watch on your iPhone. Unfortunately, this feature is only for unlocking the device and will not change facial recognition when making payments through Apple Pay.

For a smartwatch to unlock their iPhone, users will need to enter their Apple Watch password every few hours.

But even without an Apple Watch, it is possible to teach your smartphone to recognize you even when you are wearing a mask.

Researchers at Tacent Security have found a way to unlock the iPhone using a skin.

In the video, the user folds the new mask in half and places it on one side of the face. Yes, by covering half of your face, you reset the facial recognition function.

The authors of the video advise to wear a new mask, fold it in half and hang it on one ear.

The mask should be held with the fingers around the chin so that it covers half of the face.

By doing this, you need to reset the Face ID function by following the instructions on your phone.

True, the team noted that not all skins do this.

“We have tested different types of masks: single disposable masks, N95 masks, masks with valves, etc. All these masks are not suitable,” says the blog.

“Convex masks cannot be bent, but in theory, you can try cutting them in half.”

Researchers have also noticed that this solution doesn’t always work, so you may need patience. And if they are missing, just use the unlock PIN.

Teach your Face ID to recognize you using a mask:

1. Wear a new mask

2. Fold it in half and hang it on one ear

3. Hold the mask on your chin

4. Make sure the top corner of the folded mask covers your nose

5. Open the Face ID section in the phone settings. You can access it by going to Settings> Face ID and passcode

6. Move your head according to the instructions for the phone to scan your face.

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