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Are you browsing Google Chrome on a mobile device? Remove it immediately from the device this is the reason


Caution: store your information: Senior Information Security Researchers Recommend Removing Information Giant’s Browser App “Google Chrome”After a serious security breach was discovered in him, according to an editorial in the global business magazine Forbes.

According to the publication, users of the Android operating system in possession of the application are exposed to information leaks that come from the motion sensor that exists in almost all smartphones. Cyber ​​and information security researchers Tommy Misk and Talal Haj Bakri have warned that while browsing any site through the browser, even in “incognito” mode, the app has built-in access to the motion sensor that can reveal where you are. anytime. Given moment.

Hacker, cyber attack (Photo: REUTERS / Kacper Pempel)

“We are deliberately limiting the resolution of the chrome motion sensors,” Google said in a statement to Forbes. “In 2019 we introduced drivers that allow users to completely block access to the motion sensor of sites. We take the security and privacy of our users very seriously and are constantly working to improve them in Chrome.”

How will you protect your device?

Forbes magazine presented how you can disable the collection of information through the motion sensor. They pointed out that in the browser “Safari”, for example, from the company “Apple”, a special request appears every time the application allows scanning the information that arrives through the motion sensor, and only after the individual approval of the user , it is possible to collect the information to the servers.

First, you need to enter the browser and click on the three-dot icon at the top right (or left) of the screen. Then click on the Settings button and, on the “Advanced” tab, click on “Site Settings”. Select “Motion sensors” and turn them off.

Google (Photo: REUTERS / Eric Gaillard / Illustration / File Photo)Google (Photo: REUTERS / Eric Gaillard / Illustration / File Photo)

What does Google do with the information it collects?

Despite the prevailing doctrine that most websites and services do not transmit any confidential information (including credit card information, identification numbers, etc.) to third parties and store them on secure servers protected by passwords defined by the user, some of the information is still preserved. used by Google for the benefit of advertisers. Search results and advertisements for certain clients.

Google uses the information it collects from surfers and “sells” it to advertisers, although it does not specify the personal data of each user, but rather general characteristics about their behavior on the Internet, their general movements and which segment of the company they belong to. .

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