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"Digital Foundry" reviews Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series and Xbox One

“Digital Foundry” reviews Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series and Xbox One

Our colleagues from “Digital Foundry” have not been disappointed and offer us a complete review of Forza Horizon 5 in all its Xbox versions.

The auto racing giant, signed Playground Games, just launched in early access that Digital Foundry He has already combed it.

As we know, the Forza series is known to be a true technical showcase. But while Forza Horizon 5 is cross-generation software that launches as well on PC as it does on Xbox Series and Xbox One, many wondered if all versions held up and Digital Foundry So you answered this question by comparing all versions of the console.

New generation real stallion?

In Quality mode, on Xbox Series X / S, the software doesn’t have to be ashamed of its PC version – the game can display solid native 4K with a clock rate of 30fps., while The S Series uses a dynamic resolution juggling between 1080p and 1440p to stay the course.

In performance mode, the Xbox Series X easily hits 60fps by opting for a 1440p resolution upscaled to 4K, the result commands respect and the machine clearly sends the pate to show a truly worthy representation of a new generation of grinding. Meanwhile, the S Series camps out in 1080p fairly clean to ensure good flowability.

What about the old generation?

Finally, Xbox One and One X are doing it with honors. The One S can run the software in dynamic 1080p at 30fps without too much trouble, although Digital Foundry sees a drop in resolution at 810p, while the Xbox One X offers a small, dynamic 4K too, very honest.

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See for yourself on video.

It is a fact, Forza Horizon 5 is a graphic monster no matter what platform you choose, and we can also confirm it since with us, the test is currently in progress. Spoiler: it’s c … no, you’ll read it soon in our columns.