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जुना मोबाइल विकायचा प्लॅन आहे? असं न करता CCTV कॅमेरा म्हणून करा वापर, वाचा सविस्तर

Are you planning to sell an old mobile? Instead, use it as a CCTV camera, read more Technology

If you have an old phone, it must be dusty somewhere in the house. You can put this phone to good use. You can use this phone as a security camera.

New Delhi, June 20: You have an old phoneold phone) If so, he must have been eating dust somewhere in the house. You can put this phone to good use. You can use this phone as a security camera. This phone will keep your home safe. You can also use the phone as a baby monitor (baby monitor) I can use. Also, you will get a Macshift Google Home speaker for your phone.make google home speaker switch) So you can use. These are just a few of the shared goal setting programs that you can use. But the best option is a home security camera (home security camera) To use as. In this regard Digit InReported.

To use your phone as a security camera, you need to download a security camera application. Many applications have similar characteristics. It also offers local streaming, cloud streaming, recording, as well as the ability to store images remotely or locally. Motion detection and alerts are also available.

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Once set up, you can control this home security camera from anywhere else. You can use your phone as a security camera. This is a cross platform. So it doesn’t matter if your phone is an Android or iOS based iPhone. You can use your new phone in the same way.

The Alfred app is free and shows you a remote view of the live stream. It also provides motion detection and alerts. You get free cloud storage. The Alfred app also allows you to get information through the front and rear cameras, so you also get a two-way audio signal.

What are you going to do exactly?

-Firstly, you need to go to Android or iOS storage and download the Alfred app on your new and old phones. You can also use a tablet for this.

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-Then you will see the start button. Clicking on it will take you to the Viewer option. Select it and move on.

-Now this app will ask you to login. You can log in with your Google account here.

-You have to do the same process on your old phone. However, on this phone you have to select the camera instead of the viewfinder. Then check once you have logged into both phones with the same Google account.

-This is how your setup is completed. Now you put your old phone in the right place in your house. After completing this process, your phone will provide you with all the information like a security camera.

Published by:Janhavi Bhatkar

First published:June 20, 2021 at 10:52 PM IS

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