The people behind the open-world survival title ARK: Survival Evolved recently revealed a major new update. This is called “Genesis” and it should appear in two parts. The launch is scheduled for December 2019 and winter 2020, a cosmetic add-on called “HLN-A” is now available. All those who decide to buy the Season Pass included in the expansion can look forward to it now.

In terms of content, Genesis will establish many new creatures, animals and monsters, items, structures, research possibilities, and a new mission system in ARK. The new trailer gives a detailed impression of what else is supposed to be possible with “Genesis” in the world of Studio Wildcard. In any case, you can no longer speak of a pure dinosaur game.

Build houses on top of a turtle, a giant fire lizard, or cute creatures that turn into terrible beasts? Everything seems to be possible in ARK: Genesis. All additional information is available at

ARK: Genesis Announcement Trailer

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