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WhatsApp will not block the account of those who reject privacy policies

WhatsApp will not block the account of those who reject privacy policies

Even if users did not accept your latest privacy policy, you will be able to use the messaging platform normally, thus reversing what you had been holding.

“No one will have their account removed or lose the functionality of WhatsApp on May 15 because of this update ”, indicated the messaging application (owned by Facebook) in an entry in your digital user help center.

Also, contrary to what it had previously argued, WhatsApp announced that will not send “persistent” reminders to users who reject or ignore the new terms.

Until now, the company had explained that users who did not accept the new conditions would receive these alert messages and they would progressively lose some functionality of the application, such as the ability to access the chat lists for conversationsr.

Furthermore, WhatsApp intended to prevent users from receiving calls and notifications if after several weeks they still did not update their account, which would de facto mean having it blocked.

Now, however, WhatsApp said “have no plans for those reminders to be persistent or to limit the functionality of the application.”

The WhatsApp update, acquired by Facebook in 2014, has generated a lot of doubts and misinformation, especially about whether the changes would allow Facebook to access personal information, contacts or conversations that are held in the application.

Precisely due to the controversy and confusion generated, WhatsApp already delayed the update deadline at the beginning of the year, which passed from February to May.

Facebook and its popular messaging subsidiary have tried several times to deny that with the new rules they will access message or call content, as well as contact or group lists and shared geolocation.

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