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ذكاء اصطناعى يكتشف أشهى وصفة للفطائر ويقدم طرق إعدادها

Artificial intelligence discovers the most delicious cake recipe and provides methods to prepare them

Scientists have used artificial intelligence (AI) to create a recipe for the most delicious cake, while Monolith, a subsidiary of Imperial College London, developed its machine learning model to compare the most popular cake recipes and create the preparation method. definitive.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the recipes consist of seven ingredients of flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, butter and eggs, which will give flavor to the pancakes, since the new artificial intelligence has helped to make the best cakes.

“We found over 800 recipes for thin American-style pancakes, yet we needed recipes with enough positive and negative reviews to train the model to predict how many ingredients the most delicate cakes would give us,” the company blogged.

“We ended up with a data set of 31 recipes with enough revisions to train a model to predict the correct outcome,” the company added.

Additionally, to make the artificial intelligence pie, Monolith has performed hundreds of thousands of calculations, divided into three stages: ingredients, mixing, and preparation, a type of algorithm that often uses a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning.

“It’s called a random forest algorithm because many decision trees work together, rather than just one,” the company said.

Monolith identified the final mix of ingredients, which are 210 grams of flour, 48 grams of sugar, 14 grams of baking powder, six grams of salt, two eggs, 256 grams of milk, and 25 grams of butter, so when these particles come together, create a tight network. One of the proteins that trap bubbles, this allows your cakes to remain thin and their shape to be maintained even after baking.

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Although Monolith has not trained a model for cooking trends, it said a “general practice” of mixing dry ingredients separately from wet ingredients before combining them should be followed.

He also advised the public not to over mix as this could cause a lot of gluten development, making the pancakes chewy rather than fluffy, and once the ingredients are combined and mixed they need to be added to the pan, which should scatter. with a moderate amount of oil or a piece of butter, but the pan should be normal for an electric stove and should be on low heat.