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what is it and how can you download it?


Retro Brawl Stars: what is it and how can you download it?

Retro Brawl Stars is a MOD created by a Brawl Stars fan that takes players back to previous versions of Brawl Stars giving the opportunity to relive past versions of Brawl.

As far as I know, MODs are not official things, they are not seen well by game developers, but they are often masterpieces especially for testing weird and modded versions of games. For example, there are mods of Brawl Stars with infinite gems, infinite coins, all brawlers, with Brawler Sajan (in Dragonball style) or how Brawl Stars Retro can take you back in time.

Obviously these MODs have private servers and therefore are not the official game servers, in this case of Supercell, and can also be dangerous because they could carry viruses or access to the data of less experienced users. But what does this MOD do? What is Retro Brawl?

What is Retro Brawl?

Retro Brawl Stars is an Old Brawl Stars style private server. New players may not remember this design, in fact the game continues to evolve and the last change to the design was in 2020. This MOD contains the first stage of the interface development.

This is not an application that allows you to hack the original Brawl Stars game, so the coins, gems and exp accumulated in the Moddata version cannot be transferred to the original Brawl Stars game!

How to try and download this Mod

To know how to download the MOD version of Retro Brawl Stars you have 2 ways: the first is to search on Youtube for a tutorial that explains everything. The second is to join my discord server and ask for information from myself and I can tell you some information: JOIN DISCORD

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