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Asked Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Pro how to combo like a beast


Some people aren’t playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Like you and me. If you’re happy that you can barely reach your high-scoring goals at each level, more serious players push the boundaries of the series, earning millions (and possibly billions) of points over the years. I have won. With the release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2, I contacted one of the remastered prolific high score achievers to learn their secrets.

Got our first taste Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 Through Pre-release demoThis allowed players to try out the game in a warehouse-level two-minute session. Not many goal-minded players like me, but point-focused players quickly splice huge combos together to collect a large number of scores before the full game is available. Worked on. So I got acquainted AcquisitionAs the excitement of remastering increased, videos began to spread on social media.

Prevzzy said it arrived by email Kotaku That they started pursuing high scores Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3.. “When I realized that the more tricks I did in one combo, the more points I got, it quickly became the only goal of the game. It’s done primarily because the game is all in English and not a native speaker. I didn’t understand the in-game goals I needed to do. I remember getting one million point combo just by going around the level with one combo. That was my first high score. I think. “

Prevzzy will eventually move up Tony Hawk’s American WastelandMeet multiple like-minded individuals through the online mode of the game. When the server shuts down, the community will open Spy or THUG Pro, All levels from previous franchise entries Tony Hawk B2 Equipped with engine and online play. After years of studying high-score art, prevzzy released his first video in 2009.

“When I started playing online and matched players much better than I was, I just tried to copy whatever they were doing,” prevzzy said. “I also look for combo videos on YouTube and copy them. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of points people got. To date, the best player lines and tricks possible. I think copying is the best way to improve. After a while, I finally started getting this kind of combo myself. “

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater The high score is positively explained and is the result of careful planning. Rather than improvising like a real skater, high-scoring players focus on developing “lines”, a level of pass that allows the combo to continue indefinitely. These lines are optimized to stack as many tricks and multipliers as possible to minimize grind and manual time and eliminate the need to maintain a balance bar.

I’ve always envisioned special movements-big tricks like the 900 that need to build special meters and more complex inputs will form the basis for high score execution, but prevzzy does not. I said no. Spins are often more important than real tricks. This is because each time you rotate 180 degrees, the total number of movement points increases. From there, it’s really about narrowing down as many tricks and spins as possible to any airtime you can get and finding a way to get back to the beginning of the line you created.

“In any case, the return path should be optimized for manual use with as little effort as possible,” prevzzy added. “We want to keep it as manageable as possible. That’s why no one uses special manuals or grinds with high scores. If you want to get the most out of your special manuals or grinds, You probably need to hold it for about 20 seconds, which basically means breaking the balance. Plus, with the Spin Air Special, you can get the same points in about 3 seconds. “

As the latest work in the series Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 There is one interesting warning that violates the community’s own rules regarding landing combos, which has attracted serious attention from high score players. Riding the remastered leaderboard is landing a big combo, but I don’t think the high-scoring scene is an important part of the process at all. Some of the biggest combos in history, including the 12.7 billion point monsters in the last 37 minutes, actually ended up with wipeouts.

“The point wasn’t to land, but no one was thinking of deliberately landing, as we could get out of the combo to get the absolute maximum.” “Veil or landing is basic. I meant the same thing. I can’t keep the combo. Only the color of the scores at the bottom of the screen changes, but these scores are never irrelevant. “

This continues as before, but is a good idea to adopt if you’re trying to improve your score.

“It’s always possible to pull the combo apart and the combo continue, even in horrific situations where really dangerous moves are needed to keep the combo alive,” prevzzy explained. “If you’re trying to get a higher combo, don’t land intentionally and don’t always end the combo. Only this way will you get used to adapting to random situations while maintaining the combo. “

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 It contributes to the rapid increase in high-score videos. Favorite player Bullet SiN, I dunno, andyTHPS,and drthps We share our best runs on a regular basis, but more importantly, we also do a lot to teach new players how to develop lines and improve combos.

The online mode of the game may be lacking-the missing features such as text chat are specifically called during the conversation-the core gameplay nailing of developer Vicarious Visions is old and new. It means players are back in the series and what high-score veterans are doing. Even after the official level goal was completed, a lot of work was needed to make sure they stick to it. .. As always, this is not a potential financial benefit, but a matter of love for the game.

“Most people will easily find it the best. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Since then American wasteland“Prevzzy said. “I’m really happy that my favorite game series is finally back.”

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