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ASUS Announces Launch of TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Case Fan/Play Experience

ASUS Announces Launch of TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Case Fan/Play Experience

ASUS announced the launch of the TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Case Fan, a new 120mm fan designed for high-performance cooling and quiet operation, with numerous lighting options for a personalized rig.

The TF120 ARGB is equipped with an advanced fluid dynamic bearing. Compared to traditional ball and plain bearings, fluid dynamic bearings offer lower noise levels, higher performance and longer life. The TF120 ARGB offers best-in-class airflow of up to 76 CFM at a noise level of just 29 dB(A) and allows up to 250,000 hours of trouble-free operation. And while it was designed primarily as a case fan, it also offers enough static pressure performance at 2.5mm H2O for use with heatsinks and radiators.

The TF120 ARGB’s PWM circuit supports a speed range of 250-1900rpm, so users can plug it directly into their motherboard and set the fan curves to their liking – the fan can be set to run at low system temperatures and perform light tasks. at particularly low speeds, ensuring an extremely quiet experience. The anti-vibration pads also help with this task as they prevent the fan structure from vibrating against the case, which would cause more noise.

Once the user has set the fan curves, they can customize their system with a variety of lighting effects via the dual-layer ARGB LED array. The TF120 features 16 LEDs arranged in two layers for deeper color saturation than single layer alternatives. This dual-layer layout also offers more lighting options, which can be toggled by the user via an ARGB hub that comes with each three-fan pack. Four buttons control brightness, speed, color and effect mode, offering more combinations than many competitive products that only allow the user to choose from a few basic effects. The hub also offers Aura Sync compatibility, allowing users to coordinate their fans with the rest of their system for a show-quality system.

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The TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB Case Fan is available now at an RRP of €15.90 and as a 3-in-1 kit for €49.90.