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ESC vote threatened by Russian hackers?  It is said that "Killnet" is planning an attack

ESC vote threatened by Russian hackers? It is said that “Killnet” is planning an attack

According to various media reports, the Russian hacking group “Killnet” is said to be planning a cyber attack against voting in the Eurovision Song Contest final. However, the hackers themselves express little interest.

However, according to press reports, the vote could be sabotaged by the pro-Russian hacking collective Killnet. This assumption goes back to a post by the hacker group on their Telegram channel on May 11: There the group wrote in relation to voting for the ESC semi-finals: “You can’t vote online. Maybe our DDoS is for blame for all this – Attack?

Linked is an availability check of a dodgy Google cloud document, containing some Google spreadsheets, with purported voting results for the first semi-final.

Confusing message from suspected attackers

Whether this is indeed proof of a successful attack on the vote for the semi-finals remains to be seen. However, it is questionable whether the hackers themselves have any interest in the attack. On May 12, the group posted another message on their Telegram channel, writing under an ESC tagline: “[…] there is no point in influencing online voting. You will still do what you have to do. Your system is unprotected. Let’s send ten billion applications and add votes for another country. What are you gonna do about it? […] Just find the IP address and put it to sleep. But it’s not worth our time and attention.”