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Asus GPU Tweak III: Modernisiertes Grafikkarten-Tool für AMD- und Nvidia-GPUs

Asus GPU Tweak III: Modernized graphics card tool for AMD and Nvidia GPUs

Image: ASUS

Asus has released the final version of the new Asus GPU Tweak III OC tool for graphics cards with a heavily revised user interface and new features as well as optimized code. The app designed for overclocking and undervolting also integrates Nvidia’s CPU-Z CPU tool and OC scanner for GPUs.

OC tool for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards

Like its predecessor, the successor to Asus GPU Tweak II is suitable for graphics cards from Asus and other OEMs with GPUs from AMD and Nvidia and should allow further optimization of the components installed on them, such as the GPU and graphic memory. The first final version is

Asus GPU Tweak III (Image: Asus)

In addition to power and temperature limits, GPU voltages and maximum boost clock can also be determined, explored and validated accordingly with the help of the OC tool.

However, the biggest change, which according to Asus also took longer to develop, was the revision of the voltage frequency tuner, the so-called VF tuner.

New operating modes and profiles

Various operating modes such as OC mode and silent mode as well as the OC scanner for Nvidia GPUs of the Turing generation, but also profiles for games and applications from the design and rendering areas are available in Asus GPU Tweak III. Additionally, the UI overlay and hardware monitoring areas have been significantly expanded.

Asus III GPU tuning

Asus III GPU tuning

According to Asus, the other improvements include even more precise fan curve control and a streamlined user interface, the OSD for information output within games and apps is said to have been improved, and FurMark has also been integrated.

As Asus Germany had already informed the editorial team when the beta started in January 2021, GPU Tweak III is supported on all graphics cards from the Radeon HD 7000 series and GeForce 600 series.

Provide more information the official website by Asus GPU Tweak III and the Press release to the current version.

Download at Computer Base

As usual, the final Asus GPU Tweak III in version can be downloaded directly below this post from the ComputerBase download area. Publishers will continue to offer the predecessor GPU Tweak II in the archive for some time.


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    Asus GPU Tweak II or III is a tool for monitoring and overclocking Asus graphics cards.

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