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Atlas – The Maelstrom Map Now Readily available on Xbox A person


Take note: This game is a do the job in progress. It may possibly or may not adjust about time and could not launch as a last item. Remember to invest in only if you are comfortable with the existing state of the unfinished game. Entire specifics on the newest status of the activity, how you can give suggestions and report concerns can be found at
ATLAS is now crossplay enabled to enable Computer system and Xbox A person players to engage in together in the similar environment!&#13
From the creators of ARK: Survival Progressed will come ATLAS — the greatest pirate encounter! Check out a persistent, massive open up entire world with hundreds of other players at the same time. Make your ship, assemble your crew, sail the substantial seas, research for buried treasure, plunder player-built settlements (or replace them with your have), and conquer the entire world of ATLAS island by island. Wage war against enemy fleets while you one-handedly command massive ships of war — or divide the duties among the your dependable shipmates alternatively. Dive into the watery depths to examine sunken shipwrecks. Crew up with other explorers to find out new lands abundant with means, unique creatures, and ruins of a bygone time. Come to be a pirate legend in this supreme quest for fortune and glory!&#13
Make the Pirate Ship of Your Dreams&#13
From small rafts and dinghies to colossal frigates and galleons, your dream vessel is only a shipyard absent with our robust ship customization process. Construct your ship piece by piece, give it a title, layout the seem of your sails, and make a decision accurately where by all the planks, masts, and gunports on your ship really should go.&#13
Assemble Your Crew&#13
Recruit other players or employ the service of NPCs to be a part of your crew and assist you on your quest for riches and glory. Whether or not manning weapons on your ship, hoisting the sails, or supporting look for for buried treasure on shore, your crew is an important element of your pirate adventure. Just be positive to keep their stomachs entire and give them their fair share of the booty, lest you want a mutiny on your hands…&#13
Examine a Huge Earth&#13
Bodily sail in actual-time throughout a vast ocean, featuring around 700 specific landmasses across 45,000 square kilometers. Explore countless numbers of points of fascination more than a amount of distinctive world areas, each with their possess exceptional resources, creatures, insider secrets, and risks!&#13
Condition Your Identity&#13
Choose from a broad selection of character customization and cosmetic solutions to create your particular pirate glance. Unlock expertise across 15 different disciplines to variety your have one of a kind purpose in the earth of ATLAS.&#13
Knowledge Classic Pirate Action &#13
Grow to be the world’s finest swashbuckler, a pistol-packing gunslinger, or potentially a grasp cannoneer as a substitute. Engage in fierce raids on land-based mostly strongholds, swing from grappling hooks to board enemy ships, or unload volleys of cannonballs into your foe’s hull. The earth of ATLAS has no scarcity of strategies to dispatch your enemies, be it at the stop of a sword… or in legitimate pirate fashion… at the conclusion of a rope.&#13
Build Your Corporation&#13
Want to produce a abundant merchant empire that spans from pole to pole? Normally wanted to command a fleet of privateers who get the job done for the maximum bidder? Or potentially you’d like to produce a authorities navy and secure the innocent from pirates? In ATLAS, you can create any firm you can assume of. Build a settlement for your enterprise and construct it piece by piece with our modular building system. Contest other companies’ land, buildings, or ships and increase them to your ranks. With the proper business in hand, the entire world is definitely your oyster.&#13
Choose Amongst PvP and PvE Engage in&#13
Pick in between PvP or PvE enjoy on our formal servers:&#13
On a PvP server, everything is up for grabs: be it ships, player inventories, NPC crewmembers, tames, player-developed structures, participant-owned territory, and loads of other loot. If you can get your hands on it, you can consider it for oneself. Do you have what it takes to become the most notorious pirate on the significant seas?&#13
Care for a considerably less “cutthroat” working experience? Sign up for one particular of our PvE servers and cooperate with countless numbers of other gamers to check out the world, uncover new secrets and techniques, and even combat legendary creatures together. Build strong businesses with old good friends or build an overall player-run town with some new ones. The entire world of ATLAS is yours to form!&#13
Participate in in Singleplayer and Non-Devoted Personal Sessions&#13
In addition to experiencing ATLAS on our official/unofficial servers with 1000’s of other gamers, you can now take pleasure in ATLAS by you in our Singleplayer manner, or with up to 8 mates privately in our Non-Committed Server method. Alter the match to accommodate your preferences and delight in your personal private version of ATLAS.&#13
And Substantially, A great deal Much more&#13
Only a portion of ATLAS’ options and information are outlined above, with lots of far more to appear in the course of the game’s Early Entry development period of time.

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