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Vorschau auf AVM Fritz!OS 7.50: Nachschub aus dem Labor für die 7590, 7530 & 6890 LTE

AVM Fritz!OS 7.50 Preview – Lab Replenishment for 7590, 7530 and 6890 LTE

Image: AVM

AVM has supplied the Fritz!Box 7590 and Fritz!Box 7530 ADSL and VDSL routers, as well as the Fritz!Box 6890 LTE hybrid cellular router with updated lab firmware, which offers a current preview of the upcoming Fritz!OS 7.50. The new router operating system is expected to appear for more than 30 models.

Last tests before the launch at the end of summer

Now that more than 30 products have been leaked, and are expected to receive an update to the final version of Fritz!OS 7.50, which will be released later this summer, the tests are running at full speed with the new Fritz builds. !Work. The Fritz!Box 7590, 7530 and 6890 LTE receive updates.

New Fritz!Laboratory firmware for Fritz!Box 7590, 7530 and 6890 LTE (Image: AVM)

This means that the ten currently supported models of the Fritz!Box and Fritz!Repeater series have the following status in terms of firmware and Fritz!Labor 7.39.

Fritz Lab Firmware!
  • ADSL and VDSL routers
    • Fritz!Box 7590 → v07.39-98303 *
    • Fritz!Box 7590AX → v07.39-97969
    • Fritz!Box 7530AX → v07.39-97402
    • Fritz!Box 7530 → v07.39-98301 *
  • cable router
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6690 → v07.39-97334
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6660 → v07.39-97975
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6591 → v07.39-97972
  • cellular router
    • Fritz!Box 6890 LTE → v07.39-98285 *
    • Fritz!Box 6850 LTE → v07.39-96343
  • repeaters
    • Fritz!Repeater 2400 → v07.39-97463

*) Latest Fritz!Labor firmware versions

According to the official release notes for beta versions 7.39-98303, 7.39-98301 and 7.39-98285, the manufacturer has made improvements in the areas of Internet, telephony, WLAN, home networks, mobile communications and DSL.

Optimizations for WireGuard and DynDNS

Also free VPN software wire guard, which is integrated directly into the kernel as of Linux 5.6, is being optimized and tuned again. Other innovations are better support for DynDNS providers and improved download speeds for guest access.

A new: Lab versions are always in beta status and have been tested by AVM in standard environments prior to release, but may possibly cause malfunctions.

Up System → Update → Fritz!OS-Version users can switch back to the official Fritz!OS at any time.

For more information visit the official website Fritz Laboratory!.