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Streets are being relocated, municipalities are becoming merged, roads are becoming renamed. All this comes about rarely and lasts. But in a couple of several years matters will transform. When was the final time you current your car’s navigation process?


The trip to the summertime holidays is imminent, by car or truck. This is a very good possibility to update the cartographic material of the navigation program. At the very least if it’s a vehicle which is been close to for a handful of several years. Due to the fact most modern cars usually currently have a mobile facts link, by means of which map updates can be imported mechanically.

If you seriously never know how to upgrade your auto, you must read through the working guidance or question the maker and supplier. A widespread way for cars and trucks that are not essentially new, but also fewer than ten several years old, is to update maps by way of SD memory card or USB stick, studies the professional magazine “Vehicle Motor und Activity” ( Edition 16/22). And: if you do it on your own, you can preserve 100 euros or far more in workshop charges.

If the car is additional than 10 decades outdated, the updates are commonly completed on DVD. You acquire the silver discs from the dealer, as very long as map updates are continue to available for the respective navigation technique.

mission glove box

No matter of irrespective of whether it can be an SD card or a USB adhere: if in question, the instruction guide will convey to you the place the slots are. The glove box or center console are typically the spots you might be wanting for. If an SD card is inserted, you should get rid of it to conserve the up to date map material later Of course, not without to start with generating a backup duplicate of the outdated map file.

The card or USB adhere that was eradicated will have to then be formatted according to the car or truck manufacturer’s specs. Otherwise, the navigation procedure will not be capable to access the new map file later on. Of training course, this does not use to the possible case that you have acquired a USB stick with new map material from a car or truck seller.

Download from maker

However, as a basic rule, the most current map substance can and should really be downloaded from the vehicle manufacturer’s site. The style of automobile and the calendar year of manufacture ought to be specified. In addition, it is typically vital to make a user account, gurus explain.

For quite a few Ford, Hyundai, Skoda or VW styles, the details is even free. Or else there are membership products or the solution to purchase personal updates. Costs for a map package deal for Europe are commonly among 100 and 130 euros.

No update just before departure

Warning: Dependent on the load of the down load server and the sizing of the map file, the down load could just take a number of several hours. Which is why you shouldn’t download them until finally the evening right before you go away.

Usually a zip file is downloaded, which you need to unzip. The new map file is then dragged onto the newly formatted storage media. The memory card is then placed again in its slot in the vehicle or the USB adhere is plugged in for studying. Then it starts the navigation technique, which ordinarily recognizes and configures the new maps or follows the recommendations. (dpa)

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