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AVM postpones the start of FritzOS 7.50: the September release is running out

AVM postpones the start of FritzOS 7.50: the September release is running out

AVM has also been working on the announced update in the public beta program for months. Fritz OS 7.50 This version will bring a variety of innovations and improvements, but according to the latest reports, it seems to be delayed.

This is it The online magazine Teltarif drew attention. Teltarif asked AVM a few weeks ago when they could expect the final update to be distributed.

In May, the company said it planned to release FritzOS 7.50 in the summer: “Summer starts in June and ends in September,” the company literally said. But that timeline is now being extended with a new statement about the next update. As part of the announcement of the ifa 2022 AVM now wrote:

The big FritzOS 7.50 update

“The extensive FritzOS 7.50 update will bring users around 100 new features and improvements to their Fritz products. In the smart home, new functions for scenarios and routines now enable conditional bindings for convenient and energy-efficient living. The update will also simplifies the setup of VPN connections, WLAN Mesh performance is increased, and FritzFon learns to speak with the call announcement feature. The great free FritzOS 7.50 will be rolled out to the first products in a few weeks.”

In itself, that could still mean we’ll see the release in September. However, it must be said that the versions currently available via the experimental lab update still have a long list of known issues. Certainly the new version will not ship with these bugs. More rounds are needed to remove the errors.

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At the upcoming IFA on September 2, AVM will no doubt comment on the start of the major feature update. As far as is currently known, the following devices will get the big FritzOS update in the first batch:

device list

  • FritzBox 7530, 7530AX, 7590 and 7590AX
  • Cable FritzBox 6690, 6591 and 6660
  • FritzBox 6890 LTE and 6850 5G
  • Fritz repeaters 2400 and 3000

These devices are in public beta testing. More device updates are being worked on internally. It is not yet known which other devices will receive the update. AVM had already indicated that, among other things, the Old FritzBox 7490 could receive the new version.

These innovations should come

Major new features include WireGuard support for easy VPN connection setup, call announcement, improved performance for Mesh WiFi, and an improved Fritz UI on the web.

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