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AVM publishes FRITZ!  OS 7.27 for FRITZ!  Repeater 1750E

AVM publishes FRITZ! OS 7.27 for FRITZ! Repeater 1750E

AVM these days unveiled the FRITZ! OS 7.27 for the FRITZ! Repeater 1750E. The update increases the automatic configuration of a LAN relationship concerning the FRITZ! Repeater and a FRITZ! Box with Mesh. In addition, the wizard for configuring and changing the form of entry has been redesigned and the balance and functionality of the WLAN have been enhanced. With this update, AVM also has Weak points in handling fragmented incoming packets and fixed mixture MPDUs. There are also advancements and changes that can be noticed beneath. The FRITZ! OS 7.27 is out there for download for the German, Global and A / CH editions of the FRITZ! Repeater 1750E and can now be started off with a single click through the FRITZ! Box. AVM also endorses that all buyers refer to the FRITZ! Mesh overview. Box to see if there are updates for other goods such as repeaters, Powerline or FRITZ! Fon. These updates are also exhibited on the FRITZ! Property site. Box. You can uncover extra information and facts about this update down below or on AVM.

Obtain -> Obtain FRITZ! OS 7.27 for FRITZ! Repeater 1750E

With each update, AVM also optimizes stability and as a result recommends all consumers to update. The FRITZ! OS 7.27 for the FRITZ! Repeater 1750E is now readily available for download by means of the FRITZ user interface! Box and from AVM. Open the FRITZ! Box -> Enter in net browser and login -> Simply click Wizards -> Update -> Start update by clicking Glance for a new functioning method FRITZ! and observe the guidelines to get the new FRITZ! OS for the FRITZ! Repeater.

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The FRITZ! OS 7.27 is now accessible for download from AVM:

The FRITZ! OS 7.27 is made up of the following new functions and enhancements:

The FRITZ! OS 7.27 consists of the adhering to new attributes and enhancements:

  • Automatic configuration of a LAN connection from the FRITZ! Repeater to a FRITZ! Box with Mesh.
  • Redesigned wizards to configure and modify the type of entry (WLAN bridge / LAN bridge).

Far more advancements and improvements with FRITZ! OS 7.27

  • Improvement: enhances the steadiness of the procedure.
  • Improvement: Enhanced WLAN security.
  • Improvement: redesigned wizards for configuration and for altering obtain variety (WLAN bridge / LAN bridge).
  • Enhancement: The time it can take to set up a relationship with the FRITZ! Box immediately after pressing a button (WPS) is noticeably minimized.
  • Improvement: messages for WLAN in “Process / Events” have been improved.
  • Improvement: Detection of various parallel WPS activations was improved.
  • Enhancement: Revised DFS timeout messages in “Procedure / Activities”.
  • Enhancement: WLAN guest access naming (SSID, default) centered on language choice.
  • Improvement: Security of visitor obtain to WLAN has been improved.
  • Fastened: Vulnerabilities in the managing of fragmented incoming packets and extra MPDUs (A-MPDU) set (“Fragattack”).
  • Fixed: With unencrypted WiFi, the WPS element for WiFi visitor accessibility did not work reliably.
  • Fixed: In some circumstances, the 5 GHz link was not originally founded following connecting by way of WPS.
  • Preset: data transmission was interrupted for a number of seconds when switching from 5 to 2.4 GHz if the FRITZ! Repeater was positioned unfavorably.
  • Mounted: Fastened lessened highest throughput rate when used with present Apple iOS and MacOS devices.
  • Mounted: The illustration of the setup wizard to configure the WLAN bridge was incomplete.
  • Fastened: the final web site of the set up wizard shown the WiFi network critical even though an unencrypted network was configured.
  • Preset: When WPS logs running in parallel have been detected, they were being not reliably terminated.
  • Fixed: the number of messages in “Procedure / Occasions” was also lower in some regions.
  • Fixed: erroneous reference to FRITZ password adoption! Box for a repeater not activated for Mesh.
  • Fastened: If I changed from a single placing to yet another in the community settings, the alterations had been not applied.
  • Mounted: the “Aid” webpage could no longer be termed right.
  • Set: the pace exhibit for LAN connections was not proper.
  • Preset: unintentional exhibit of LAN link configurations.
  • Fastened: several password assignment requests.
  • Fastened: Incorrect time specification when displaying the hottest FRITZ! YOU.
  • Set: In scarce scenarios, there were many radar timeouts in the 5 GHz band with consequent loss of relationship.
  • Mounted: In uncommon instances, the 5 GHz relationship to the FRITZ! Box.
  • Fixed: When transforming the WLAN typical from “11a + n” to “11n + ac”, troubles with channel assignment arose.
  • Fastened: incorrect celebration in “System / Occasions” with WPS through DFS timeout.
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