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Only a careless pollster or a true Griffin who does not live within the beltway could really hope that Virginia Raggi would be able to sit, again, in the highest chair of the Capitol. Because it is true that the break between Roberto Gualtieri and Carlo Calenda gave some additional occasions with respect to the estimates of the day before. As proof, the right wing has taken tribune Enrico Michetti out of his hat, one of the poorest candidates that are remembered by heart. However, it was unthinkable that the mayor would not pay taxes for the rubble in which the Eternal City fell, a disaster of which she is most guilty along with its leaders and who, in the Movement, have always supported her to the point of favoring. his self nomination.

After being acquitted of the forgery trial, it seems then (when this article is printed the scrutiny has not yet completely concluded) the verdict of the voters has arrived inexorably: for them Raggi is guilty, without buts and without buts. The first outgoing citizens usually have the favor of the prediction or, at least, a substantial package of votes dictated by fame and relationship with a part of the public opinion. Instead, Joan of Arc de Grillo took only 20 percent of the votes for two elementary reasons: he did not respect the promises proclaimed urbi et orbi during the triumphant electoral campaign and did not rule Rome for a long time, leaving the capital himself. and its inhabitants today lifeless.

The victory of the former Previti lawyer was based on the myth of honesty, on the revitalization of the suburbs, on alternative mobility and the fight against landfills. Above all, it fed on the catastrophes of Gianni Alemanno, the atavistic defects of the traditional parties and their power games, such as those that cost Ignazio Marino his place.

Made it worse

Rays surprisingly managed to do worse, from an administrative point of view, than most of his predecessors. Network of wild boars and mice, from the repeated gaffes on the “domes of the Colosseum” or on the “fascist” bombings in San Lorenzo, the mayor has replaced more than a dozen councilors and vice mayors, a score of CEOs and directors of the subsidiaries. of the commons, as well as an unknown number of senior managers. Generating chaos and undermining all the chains of command, essential to rule a complex city like Rome.

In fact, Raggi immediately preferred “not to”. Don’t hire, don’t participate in the Olympics, don’t invest. The “poraccismo” hoisted mantras and political philosophy. Public transportation conditions, net of Atac’s historic struggles and inactive employees, soon reached a low. Definitive metaphors are the timeless closures of metro stations due to escalator problems and the burning buses in the historic center photographed by tourists. The confusion of the management of Ama chosen by Raggi, the anti-plant ideology and the absence of internal jobs weighed on the garbage and urban hygiene.intelligent. Today the city is much dirtier than when the city council began, but the grillina has never been responsible for the state of things, for its mistakes and those of its loyalists. He preferred to reject the responsibilities of the forerunners, or better yet, of the Lazio region ruled by Nicola Zingaretti. Other times it has thrown the barrel in the municipalities: as in the case of the vegetation that has grown suddenly in the streets and sidewalks of each neighborhood, a vegetal phenomenon caused by the decision of the municipality to cut some services of the Ama. Objective: save some money and try to recoup the spa budgets. Result: the new mayor of Rome will have to spend much more than what has been set aside to clear the weeds that have occupied the entrances and intersections.

The mayor was also deficient on the moral issue: not being able to select her ruling class, she chose as collaborators figures such as Raffaele Marra, former deputy chief of staff and then convicted in the first instance for corruption, and then Luca Lanzalone, already head of Government . Acea and the mayor’s councilor on the new stadium in Rome, announce another work (such as the Battistini-Casalotti cable car) but of which not a single stone has been placed.

The “no” to big events, the celebratory videos in which the storytelling tells of the maintenance of a road as an extraordinary public work, the devastation of parks and gardens, the traffic crazed by the “electoral sites”: everything it has contributed to the decline of a political experience that runs the risk of ending here. Because the city is hurt, but there is also a limit to masochism.

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