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The iPhone 13 may not be sold without headphones in France. Apple re-invented the original trick

Recently, as part of “green”, Apple stopped packaging both charging adapters and popular EarPods in the packaging of iPhones. While in all countries they had to reluctantly take this step, in France customers do not have to worry about it. Under French law, Apple has to wear headphones with your iPhone whether you like it or not.

packaging iPhone 13 does not contain adapter or headphones

France is concerned about the effects of radio radiation on the human body, which is why it is asking smartphone products to provide users with an alternative in the form of a hands-free headset. The aim is primarily to protect children under the age of 14, who, according to France, are the most vulnerable group.

iphone 13 pack headphones
In France, Apple has to put the iPhone 13 in a larger box that also contains headphones.

Apple also met the need for headphones last year, and it didn’t shirk this obligation this year, either. However, changing the sales package for a single state is an unnecessary and expensive complication, which is why the Cupertino giant solved the whole situation in a Solomonic way: the classic sales package. iPhone 13 (mini) to iPhone 13 Pro (maximum) placed in a larger box in which you will find headphones.

Apple must obey French law

Although we can insist on the fact that in this case, ecology is having a long tail, the law is simply the law, and even Apple cannot choose what legislation it wants or does not want to comply with.

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