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Best Offline Apps to Have When You Travel


What is your association with vacation? A lot of people will answer “travel”. The wonderful time when you are free from endless writing of plagiarism free essays, office work, home chores and a lot of things which your everyday life consists of. In today’s world, technology is an essential part of travel. With a smart device and internet, you can rebook your flight, avail of better hotel rates, locate your next destination, or search for something you need to buy.

The problem, however, is when you have no access to wifi, and you’ve run out of data. This is why many of your helpful apps should be able to run even if you are offline. The following are some important offline apps to have when you travel.


#1 Google Translate

If you are headed to a place where you don’t know the language, you need Google Translate. It allows you to download several languages to use offline. With it, you can get the necessary phrases you need to communicate with locals. It is also powerful enough to translate signs and other written works (item tags and menus) by pointing your device’s camera at them.

#2 CityMaps2Go

When you are in a new city or town, it is always good to have a portable map with you in case you get lost. Although this map is not free, it has a lot of essential features (information about public transportation, address searches) that are worth paying for to save you a lot of trouble when you are somewhere else. And because it uses GPS to track you, not the internet, you know that it will continue pointing you in the right direction even when offline.

#3 XE Currency

A big problem people encounter in a foreign land is dealing with the exchange rates. Some people end up using their whole budget for dinner because they miscalculated the costs. This app allows you to select the currencies you might need for your trip, saving the rates offline for use as you need it. But should you go online again, the rates are updated automatically.

#4 American Red Cross First Aid

This is a great app to have when on vacation, especially when with family. It shows detailed instructions for common medical emergencies such as allergic reactions, broken bones, choking, heatstroke, and even a heart attack. Although it is not a substitute for real medical care in the region you are visiting, the knowledge within can save lives as the first few minutes of any emergency are crucial.

#5 Spotify

When traveling, there are always occasions when you need to wait for form something: the plane, the bus, or your turn to ride the rollercoaster. Keep yourself busy with Spotify so that you can listen to your favorite tunes or even to an informative talk. Though some prefer entertainment they can watch, the good thing about just listening is that you can keep watch of your surroundings, including your luggage, as there are many dangers to tourists.


Today’s travel apps are making things a lot easier for travelers to deal with both the expected and unexpected situations during a trip. But to ensure your apps are still helpful even if you are out of wifi range, consider the above mentioned offline travel apps to guarantee a smoother vacation.

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