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Best Place to Buy Solana

When thinking about crypto investments, people often look for the most traded assets, for they are more stable in growth and less volatile. The Solana project got a lot of attention in the last few years, becoming one of the favorite blockchains for developers. Solana is an open-source network suitable for building and deploying decentralized apps, NFT collections, and smart contracts. The peak of Solana’s popularity coincided with the period when the Ethereum blockchain was overloaded with applications built on it. Ethereum started to perform slower and charge higher fees. At the time, many developers tended to pick Solana for its:

  • Proof-of-Stake protocol
  • Low fees
  • High throughput.

At its peak, the price of SOL reached $258. However, together with the entire market, the asset value dropped, and as of mid-December, it is $12.14. The price decrease does not mean that the SOL coin lost its popularity. It is still actively staked and traded on all crypto exchanges. Let’s talk about the best place to buy Solana crypto.

How to Buy Solana?

The asset is so popular that you will find it everywhere. Most centralized and decentralized exchanges offer pairs with SOL. Of course, the better option would be to pick a centralized exchange because they are more reliable and offer more features for trading. Let’s take, for example, WhiteBIT. It is the best place to buy solana because:

  • This platform has a convenient interface even a novice trader will easily cope with.
  • Staking SOL is available on several crypto lending programs.
  • Average fees for all operations.
  • Possibility to buy SOL crypto with a bank card.
  • Profitable trading tools, including the most advanced.
  • Leverage up to X20.
  • Safety and cold storage for 96% of assets.
  • Customer support.
  • Compliance with KYC and AML.

If you are interested in crypto news and want to keep abreast of the latest updates, welcome to the WhiteBIT blog. The resource regularly rolls out interesting articles and asset overviews, describes up-and-coming projects and writes beginner guides.