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Bethesda, Lucasfilm teases new Indiana Jones video game

Bethesda, Lucasfilm teases new Indiana Jones video game

Expansion / The concept of a mass artist in a game who is suspiciously aiming for the prospect of another movie licensed game …

Bethesda collaborates with unveiling new Indiana Jones game with “original story” Wolfenstein: The New Order Developer Machine Games, Publisher Announced today on Twitter..Todd Howard, best known for his directorial work Skyrim And Fallout 4, Acts as executive producer of the title.

“It will take some time,” Bethesda said, before the details are revealed.For the time being, the company shared 30 seconds teaser video Featuring the opening notes of John Williams Raiders March A clock passing by in a pot over a messy desk. The teaser culminates with an invisible hand picking up Indy’s trademark hat and revealing a coiled whip.

the history of Indiana Jones The video game is back in the 1982 Atari 2600 release and includes two Well-remembered SCUMM engine adventure game From the late 80’s to the early 90’s.Recently, the franchise has faced a relatively drought in the area of ​​video games since its release. Lego Indiana Jones 2 In 2009.

The announcement will take place the day after Disney announces the renewal of the Lucasfilm Games brand as an umbrella to cover the licensed game version of the movie franchise. Electronic Arts continues to have exclusive rights to the game based on: Star Wars Space as part of a multi-year license agreement signed in 2013.

Ann Still untitled fifth Indiana Jones movie It is currently scheduled for release in 2022.