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Try your luck. Discover the details of the gift of the iPhone 12 from the Ministry of Communications on the Egyptian digital platform


At the end of last August, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched an experimental digital platform in Egypt, which is a platform that includes around 70 government services including catering services in cooperation with the Ministry of Supply, as well such as driver’s licenses and vehicles. services in cooperation with the Public Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as services for documentation and presentation of claims in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.

The platform has had a large participation of citizens of different groups and ages, and within the framework of the ministry’s focus to increase the demand for these automated services, the ministry decided to donate an IPhone 12 mobile phone to the one millionth user of the platform . , and on how to win the phone, this is what we will review with you in the Plus content in the next article.

What is Egypt’s digital platform and what is its purpose?

The Egypt digital platform is a platform that transforms government services into fast and efficient digital services, aiming to facilitate access to government services of all kinds, and the platform was launched in August 2020, and the portal has since its launch collect Ways to provide digital services under a unified application to work in a Citizen service easily and conveniently, and in the portal you will find each group of interconnected services called a service package, such as a service package for the Family Prosecutor’s Office, such as The packages and services are successively upgraded to cover government services in all governorates of Egypt.

The Egyptian digital platform aims to automate work sessions and rules, as well as create databases and interconnection with all state agencies, and expand the provision of digital government services, and since its inception, the The platform has managed to add 72 services in two phases, and aims to add 210 new services in 2021, including services for companies and economic establishments, it also aims to add 170 new services in 2022, then 98 services in 2023, increasing the total of services provided through the platform to 550 services.

You may have a question about whether the portal services prevent you from going to the government agency, and the answer is that if the requested service requires your signature or your personal presence, you should go to the government agency to which the service belongs to complete your application, such as the service of issuing a power of attorney, and to find out whether the service requires your presence or not. You can do this by clicking on “Terms and Conditions” before starting the service request.

How to win an iPhone 12 on the Egyptian digital platform

The Vice Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Mechanization, Dr. Khaled Al-Attar, stated that the ministry will donate the one million user number to the modern IPhone 12 phone, and that the winner will be selected automatically. Users of the platform reached around 950,000 users, as the number was expected to reach one million users in a week at most.

You can login and register on the Egypt digital platform through the link, Press here.

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