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'Better give up asap': Lithuania with serious revelations against phones like Shawmi

‘Better give up asap’: Lithuania with serious revelations against phones like Shawmi

Vilnius, first post on Sep 24, 2021 at 5:52 PM IST

ChaiThe Latvian government has come out with a revelation against Nice’s smartphone giant Shawmi. The National Cyber ​​Security Center, which is controlled by the Latvian government, says that some Shawmi phones have backdoor games. Their findings show that Chinese companies have problems with their phones. The accusations mainly concern applications installed on Chinese phones and leaking of user information.

The Latvian National Cyber ​​Security Center has called for the use of Wow, Shawmi phones to be stopped. In any case, the international media gave great importance to this finding. At the same time, the United States said it was taking the Latvian discovery seriously. Last week, US President Biden’s security adviser, Jake Sullivan, spoke with Latvian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonietti.

The main issue raised by Latvian researchers against Shawmi phones is that they prohibit some searches on Shawmi phones through embedded programming. Initially it was discovered that it prohibited certain Chinese words. On some phones made in China sold in Latvia. Search for “Long Term Taiwanese Independence,” “Free Tibet,” and “Democratic Movement.” The Latvian researchers say that if the barrier is now in Chinese, “this interaction” will take place in any language through the back door without the knowledge of a future phone user.

Meanwhile, Chinese mobile phone maker Shawmi has denied Latvia’s allegations. Shawmi said it does not interfere with the use of user data in any way. Shawmi also claims that the phones are manufactured under the European Union’s Data Protection Regulation.

At the same time, political observers say Latvia’s impeachment is a new step in the recent deterioration of China-Latvia relations. Last August, Latvia called its Chinese ambassador, very much to the news.

Last Updated September 24, 2021 6:22 PM IST