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Xbox: new Edge browser compatible with Google Stadia and Discord

Xbox: new Edge browser compatible with Google Stadia and Discord

Published in Xbox September update, the New board for consoles Xbox One me Xbox Series S / X introduces several new features, notably Play Later Discovery and the new browser Edge based on Chrome. This ensures greater compatibility and the ability for Xbox users to access Google Stadia It’s in Discord through the new browser.

Google Stadia and Discover are now accessible on Xbox

The Xbox version of Edge is almost identical to the Windows and Mac version. Among the features present, the vertical tab and the collected. Like Edge on PC and mobile devices, the Xbox version syncs all settings, bookmarks, tabs, and web history as well. The only features missing from the PC version are support for extensions and the ability to switch to developer mode.

Edge for Xbox is also supported mouse and keyboard and this, among other things, allows you use Word or Excel online, or to access Google Stadia games with the classic PC control system or via the Xbox gamepad. The same happens with Discord, a very important support because an instant messaging platform application dedicated to Xbox players is not yet available, after the well-known events that occurred in recent months.

You can access Discord voice calls through an Xbox and participate in text chats, but there is no microphone support. These are just some examples of what you can do now on Xbox thanks to the presence of a browser based on the Chromium platform, but many others could be done. You can use applications that allow you to stream what is running on your PC (including Steam games) to a browser such as Parsec and log into web games like Krunker me Quake JS.

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Play Post Discovery

The new Chromium-based Edge isn’t the only new addition to the September Xbox update, as detailed in a This address. Now, Xbox Series X / S or Xbox One owners can access console games through a Windows 10 PC using the feature remote playback Dell ‘Xbox app. Also, the new feature Play Post Discovery allows you to store your favorite games from the catalog in a list Xbox Game Pass, so you can easily reach them and play them later.