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Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel quits video game to work in a game reserve

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Director Michel Ancel Denies Accusation of Poisonous Improper Management

Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil Suddenly announced He left Ubisoft 30 years later to work in a game reserve. That was a big surprise. Ansel is the creative director of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and seems to have been passionate about finishing with nearly eight years of production. But today, the French News Outlet Liberation published Two reports Employees say Ancel created a toxic work environment and mismanaged the project. In response to the report, Ubisoft and Ancel confirmed that they were under investigation before resigning, but Ancel has since denied the allegations on Instagram.

With the first report of Liberation Ansel follow-up interview French, but user ResetEra Translated both articles. The first report describes a development nightmare persisted by Ancel, which allegedly forced the development team to abandon months of whimsical work. Ubisoft employees say Ancel frequently changes the creative vision of BG & E2 and even invents new features while talking to the press, which wasn’t communicated to the development team in advance. Burnout and depression are said to be common, Ancel is very volatile, and Ubisoft has had to separate him from development staff by a middle management layer.