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Leak Rocket League POI coming soon to Fortnite


Party Royale is the latest official game mode that Epic has added to Fortnite. With that addition, it’s clear that Epic plans to make Fortnite more than just a battle royale game.

Epic executives are discussing turning Fortnite into a social hub rather than just a video game. Creative mode was a small step in that direction, but Party Royale was a leap forward. This mode has nothing to do with competition, it has to do with meeting friends, messing around, and having fun.

The first release of Party Royale was relatively dull. There wasn’t much to do in this mode, and the featured concert was more like a test site than a blockbuster hit. Coming from behind the stunning Travis Scott’s “Astronomy” concert, some fans were disappointed to see a much easier setup at Party Royale Premier.

However, over time, it became clear that Epic was focusing on growing this mode over time. Each party royal event seems to be growing at the last event, and the upcoming BTS crossover is the biggest party royal event ever.

With the premiere of BTS’new “Dynamite” choreography video at Party Royale, the game mode is likely to get more attention than ever. In fact, BTS’fan base is so large and enthusiastic that it’s not surprising to see Fortnite reach another simultaneous player milestone during the event.

Many Fortnite players have traditionally ignored Party Royale. In addition, BTS crossovers can attract fans who aren’t even regular Fortnite players. As this is the case, it’s a good idea to provide a quick navigation guide to the game mode so you know where you’re heading.

First of all, you need to go to the Battle Royale lobby and go to the Party Royale game mode. If you hit the play, it will be loaded on Party Royal Island. Much smaller than the Isle Royale, but there are many icons around the map. If you’ve never been here, you may be a little confused.

Spawn on the island of Plaza. Races, time trials and all sorts of other activities are scattered around the map. If you’re only attending a BTS show, head to the main stage. This can be seen up to the eastern end of the map. It is indicated by a blue marker below.

The big screen – West – is another place where activity is known to occur. For example, this is where Epic premiered an animated short film Call apple – But it’s another can of worms.

The main stage is the most important place on the map. You can use the map or follow the signs to the stage.

If you want to change the skin before the event, you can do it without leaving the game mode. All you need to do is find one of the blue phone booths and fly around.

Something is always happening on the main stage. Even if it’s a classic Fortnite beat when the loading screen circulates on the screen. Join us and check it out to keep up with the event!

The Fortnite BTS event will begin on September 25th at 8pm EST (5pm EST). The second exhibition will take place tomorrow, September 26th, at 8am (Eastern Standard Time). Perhaps it’s time for the whole world to enjoy the event.

Hopefully this guide made everything clearer and took you to the main stage in time for the concert. pleasant!

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