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Big 12 will set up two conference games per team in December

Big 12 will set up two conference games per team in December

Shimizu-A few weeks after knowing the start date of the 2020-21 college hoop season, we found that Big 12 was a little ahead of schedule.

John Rothstein reports, Big 12 is planning two conference games at each school in December. The meeting “decided to play two meeting games in December to be proactive about potential disputes and cancellations related to COVID-19.”

The dates for those games haven’t been announced yet, but who each team is playing has been announced.

  • Baylor: Texas, Kansas
  • Iowa: Kansas, West Virginia
  • Kansas: Texas Tech, West Virginia
  • Kansas: Baylor, Iowa
  • Oklahoma: Texas Tech, TCU
  • Oklahoma: TCU, Texas
  • TCU: Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  • Texas: Baylor, Oklahoma
  • Texas Tech: Kansas, Oklahoma
  • West Virginia: Iowa, Kansas

Nothing has been confirmed and nothing has been decided, but I think something like the updated meeting schedule above will happen until the end of the 2020-21 season.

The official start of the season was overwhelmed Until November 25th, that is, Oklahoma and all other teams in the country will need to adjust their schedule.

The Cowboys were initially scheduled to play Green Bay on November 10, play North Texas on November 13 at the Hoop Hype XL College Basketball Showcase, and host the Arkansas Pine Bluff on November 15. Play at Charleston Classic from November 19th to 22nd. It now looks like it can be played in the bubble environment of Orlando, Texas.

All of these games will need to be rescheduled based on the updated season schedule announced by the NCAA.

The updated schedule rules for the next season recommend a minimum of 4 non-conference games, a total of 13 games, and a maximum of 27 games. The Cowboys play 18 conference games throughout the season. They also play a non-conference game with Marquette in the Big 12 / Big East Battle and an unnamed team in the Big 12 / SEC Challenge on January 30th.

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You can check out Click here for the complete scheduleHowever, there are several high-level opponents, such as Wichita State University and Virginia Tech, that the Cowboys want / need to play before the conference play begins sometime in December.

So, based on the meeting schedule and the four games Big East, SEC, Virginia Tech, and Wichita State University, create 22 games on the Porks schedule, with only the remaining five spots up to 27. .. Mike Boynton and Co. It’s interesting to see how they fill out the unconference schedule.