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Genshin Impact FAQ-Play with friends, fail to update, slow download


Genshin Impact What if the best answer to the question of Chinese developer miHoYo is “Breath of the Wild, but Anime”? It’s much more like a single-player RPG than the online elements suggest, and you can play it for free on your PC, the latest generation consoles, iOS and Android. A Switch version is coming soon.

The framing of the Genshin Impact story has more in common with anime JRPGs than with MMOs, but there are still some opaque systems that aren’t always well explained in the online environment. On top of that, I’ve also seen many of the dreaded server and connectivity issues that plague almost every online game that launches so far.

Dive into some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet to minimize frustrating Google.

Failed to check for updates – Could not check files – Genshin Impact does not start

Unfortunately, there are currently a lot of connectivity issues affecting Genshin Impact. We hope it will be resolved by the first full weekend of the game, but there is little official information available about what’s happening behind the scenes.

One of the most common connectivity issues seen at Genshin Impact is “Failed to check for updatesGame launcher “” error.

There are many related errors in this issue, all of which have the same effect. I can’t play the game.

Many players report that removing and reinstalling Genshin Impact doesn’t seem to make any difference. However, there are some fixes in the official game forums.

Launcher fix

First, there seems to be a problem with Genshin Impact reading all game files, depending on the installation location.

Some PC players running two hard drives in setup Successful by installing the game on the primary drive instead of the secondary drive Or vice versa.

If there is a problem with the game launcher itself Try launching the game exe directly from the installation location – Example: C: Program Files Genshin Impact GenshinImpact.exe

Unfortunately, if you’re playing on an Xbox One, PS4, or mobile, this doesn’t help much. The cause of the problem seems to be the number of people trying to download Genshin Impact at once. In other words, you have to wait for miYoHo to fix the server capacity issue.

If you get “The file could not be confirmed” Error, this obviously means that the connection to the game’s server was unstable during the download (probably not due to your own fault). This means that the game file was not downloaded correctly. The only option here is to re-download and try again.

Why is Genshin Impact downloading so slow?

Many players report download speeds of less than 0.5 megabytes on all types of platforms, regardless of normal download speeds.

This seems to be related to the server capacity issue that is causing the launcher and game file issues, but it is also partly due to how Genshin Impact interacts with the antivirus firewall.

There is a thread on the official forum of You can find out how to disable the Genshin Impact firewall here..

This method involves going into the “Windows Security” settings, clicking “Allow apps to pass through the firewall”, and then selecting “Genshin Impact”.

This has been reported to improve download speeds for some players, but we’re talking about an additional 1-2 mbps. It’s not a big jump, but it’s still four times the speed we’ve seen.

Alternatively, some players report download speeds as a bottleneck in certain regions. If you’re using a VPN, you can work around this by making it look like it’s coming from another area.

Play with friends at Genshin Impact – Co-op / Multiplayer Unlock

MMO is the partying with friends and guildmates to tackle the toughest raids the game has to throw at you. However, as I said before, Genshin Impact is more like a traditional RPG than an online game.

This means that multiplayer unlocks the game much more than you think.

To play with your friends at Genshin Impact, you need to reach Adventure Rank 16 in your account.

Once you reach Adventure Rank 16, you will be able to join your friends’ games and join the dungeon together. In the meantime, you can summon Paimon to access the Friends menu, from which you can add your friend’s UID (the number in the lower right corner of everyone’s screen).

Then, when you reach Adventure Rank 16, the “Cooperation Mode” option will appear in Paimon’s pause menu. Within the Co-op mode menu, you can change your join permissions so that only anyone, or an approved player, can join your world after searching for the UID. In the same menu, you can search for your friend’s UID and join the friend’s world.

Adventure ranks differ from the character levels that vary between the characters in the party. Raise your adventure rank by completing story quests, opening chests, completing surveys, and defeating mini-bosses in the Adventurer’s Handbook.

If you’re having trouble raising your Adventure Rank to 16, check out the options in the lower left and upper right of the menu wheel. Here you will find a list of available quests and an adventurer’s handbook. From here you can track them in the open world.

How does microtransaction work with Genshin Impact?

Plays like a single-player RPG, but Genshin Impact is free to play and is supported by the in-game microtransaction economy.

Like many free games, the top end of these in-game purchases isn’t that micro. Therefore, it can be important to know what you are signing up for.

In Genshin Impact, you control a party of four characters, each with different types of weapons and basic abilities.

In addition to the characters and items you can collect by playing the story of the game, you can make “wishes” for rare and powerful companions and weapons.

These are basically loot boxes with a random assortment of items from the set loot table.

You can collect 3, 4, or 5 star items and characters, each with the following chances:

Genshin Impact Wish Odds:
3 star wish 94.3%
4 star wish 5.1%
5 star wish 0.6%

You can get duplicates of the same item by creating multiple wishes. In addition to the main item, the 3-star Wish will also earn Masterless Stardust. This is another type of in-game currency that allows you to exchange items for Paimon. You can earn Masterless Star Glitter by receiving duplicate characters.

To create a wish, you need a “Fate” that can be purchased from Paimon’s Paimon Pause Menu Shop in yet another in-game currency “Primogem”, or a “Fate” that can be purchased from Star Glitter or Stardust obtained from Wish. ..

In addition, there is Crystal, the last currency in the game. These crystals are only available by spending real money and can be exchanged for character packs and level-up items.

They can also be exchanged for the blessing of giving you 90 primogems a day for 30 days. This costs 300 crystals or £ 4.49. This is the way you spend real money on your character, as you can buy multiple blessings.

First, you need to buy a blessing with real money or crystal. Throughout the month you can spend your fate looking for primogems and then spend your wishes on new character opportunities. If it sounds complicated, that’s why.

How does cross-platform play and progress work with Genshin Impact?

Literally like games other than Fortnite, cross-platform play remains all PS4 related issues.

Official policy is that PlayStation 4 players cannot interact with other players on different platforms, and PS4 progress will not be carried over to other platforms.

However, if you play on PC and mobile, you can link your miYoHo account to transfer saved files between these two platforms.

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