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BILD exposed: The 5 nuclear lies of the nuclear opponents |  politics

BILD exposed: The 5 nuclear lies of the nuclear opponents | politics

Anything but nuclear power!

If the Greens, SPD and environmental organizations have their way, the last 3 ovens will have to be taken off the grid by the end of 2022, despite the energy crisis. The reasons for this: various!

But are they correct?

BILD exposes 5 lies of nuclear opponents

► Claim: Germany does not have an electricity problem, but a heat problem!

Economy Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) says: “Nuclear power doesn’t help us at all.”

The fact is that the more gas that is used to produce electricity, the less is left for heating. If nuclear power plants remain connected to the grid (6 percent of electricity production), there is more gas left over for heating.

Power problems are also expected in Habeck’s own ministry: Secretary of State Patrick Graichen (50) recommended companies buy emergency generators to compensate for power cuts.

► Claim: Safety checks at nuclear power plants take too long!

The fact is that the reactors are periodically overhauled. A TÜV report (March): Power plants could be “safe” and “continue to operate with some additional measures”.

Claim: Social consensus on nuclear blackout must not be jeopardized!

Says, among other things, the leader of the Green Party, Britta Haßelmann (60). According to the INSA Institute, 64 percent of Germans are in favor of longer terms, and even 40 percent of Green voters.

► Claim: New fuel rods don’t arrive on time!

The fact is that the furnaces could work in “drawing mode”. This means that the fuel rods are used beyond their expected expiration date. TÜV conclusion: “possible”!

► Complaint: Not enough staff!

The fact is that the same problem exists with coal-fired power plants, which are restarted at Habeck’s request.

Operators also say: Will not fail for staff.