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Bingo 90 Ball Guide

Ever wondered why bingo isn’t really a game that can ever be found in casinos around the world? In many ways you would think that Barbados Bingo could be one of the most popular parts of a casino, especially with the massive popularity it has whipped up over the last century, however it still seems strangely absent from the world’s super casinos, traditional casinos, and even online casinos – it has us all wondering why… 

Well, the main reason for this is almost definitely down to the fact that for a long part of bingo’s history it hasn’t been primarily associated with gambling. In the 1800s, for example, Germans used it to teach kids in schools, and in reality it is only after Erwin S. Lowe successfully commercialized the game in America that bingo has been known as a certified gambling game. But anyway, keep reading for a guide on how to play 90 ball bingo, you might even get a few top tips if you’re lucky! 

Summary of 90 ball bingo 

The first thing to say about 90 ball bingo is also the most obvious, and that is that 90 ball bingo is played with 90 balls, as oppose to the 75 balls used in 75 ball bingo, or 80 balls used in 80 ball bingo. This means that there are 90 different chances for bingo players to knock a number off of their bingo scorecard, subsequently resulting in a game of bingo that lasts slightly longer than most of the other varieties. 

90 ball bingo scorecards are presented on a 3×9 grid, with each line having 5 numbers and 4 blanks. In order to win 90 ball bingo you will have to cross lines off of your scorecard, with smaller wins coming from just crossing one line off, and the ultimate prize from all three of them. 

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Where is 90 ball bingo more popular? 

People that are new to bingo might not know that there are actually any different varieties, let alone that different geographical locations have different preferences when it comes to which versions are more popular. 

75 ball bingo is most popular in America, for example, because of Erwin S. Lowe’s vital work there on making bingo commercial. In Europe, on the other hand, 90 ball bingo still reigns supreme, mainly because it is more similar to the other versions of bingo that came in the 19th century and before. 

Professional 90 ball bingo tips and tricks 

That’s some of the basics out of the way when it comes to 90 ball bingo, but what you’re really after is some advice on how to actually win 90 ball bingo. One thing to say here is that there is never going to be a way to win bingo every single time, and that’s just because it’s a game that is dominated by random probability. 

Winning a bingo game is all about increasing your probabilities, and this is why buying as many scorecards as you can feasibly keep track of is the main pro tip to win 90 ball bingo.