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When to tip the casino dealer?


While tipping in bars or restaurants is a common practice, tipping in casinos is a topic that not many people know about. Some people assume that they should not tip at all, others tip too much – click to play. In general tipping is always optional but it is often considered to be a good habit and is much appreciated by casino dealers.

When to tip?

Casino dealers receive regular wages for their job. How much they get paid varies depending on the casino and their position. No matter the salary, tips are a nice addition to standard income for all kind of casino dealers. Majority of the players only leave a tip if they manage to get a big win. It is uncommon for gamblers to tip if they lose the session. Sometimes, however, if they know they are going to lose they decide to forfeit the game and give their remaining money to the dealer. Some players also tip small amount during the session to keep the dealers satisfied and make the experience more enjoyable. Casino dealers cannot change the results of the game so winning or losing should not be the key factor in deciding whether to tip. Instead, gamblers should pay attention to their skill and attitude. Nevertheless, even if a dealer is not doing the best job it is good to tip them just out of curiosity because many casinos require their staff to pool their tips. That means that the tips are shared between all the casino employees after the shift ends.

Tipping methods

The tip should be relative to stakes a player is playing. In simple terms that means that the more money a player gambles, the bigger the tip should be. There are several ways in which gamblers tip casino dealers. One method is to decide on an amount and tip the same amount for each session. It is customary to tip $5 per session. It is also possible to wait until the dealer is about to leave the table and be replaced by another one and give them the amount gathered after all the sessions then. Another common practice is to share one’s winnings with the dealer. The tips could be equal to anything between 1-5% of each pot won by the player. Some gamblers also occasionally place bets for casino dealers. That means that while playing for example roulette or blackjack they place one of the bets saying that it is for them. If the bet wins, the dealer gets to keep the money, or at least a part of it. An easy way to tip casino dealers is to pass them a chip and say it is for them.


Tipping at a casino can be tricky and it is and will always be optional. At the same time, leaving a tip reflects on the player’s good manners. It is always helpful to watch how other players at the table tip and adapt the same approach. Etiquette also dictates that gamblers should tip non-dealer staff like the waitresses, valets, or bartenders. Even leaving a small tip of $2 will be appreciated by casino employees and can create a much more enjoyable atmosphere for the gambler.

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