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"Black Witchcraft": Edgar Allan Poe invites you to the dark role-playing game on Steam

“Black Witchcraft”: Edgar Allan Poe invites you to the dark role-playing game on Steam

Big Edgar Allen Poe fans were working here. “Black Witchcraft” will appear on Steam in April. Combine the dark tales of Edgar Allane Poe and the power of a classic action role-playing game. The player meets numerous characters from the stories of the American writer, known for his horror and horror stories. The game was hand-drawn in a high-resolution 2D style.

What is “Black Witchcraft” about?

The game leads to a world made up of characters and locations that Edgar Allen Poe created for his works. However, the stories are not faithfully reproduced. The game is based only on them. Roderick Usher, the last head of House Usher, has lost his mind after succumbing to the powerful witch “Lenore”. Even his little sister, Madeline Usher, is not safe from Roderick. The raven saves the girl from danger and leads her to the legendary witch Ligeia, who masters black witchcraft. It is supposed to prevent Lenore, who has been imprisoned in the “House of Usher”, from being released.

What is the player’s job?

The player assumes the role of Ligeia. The witch wakes up from a long sleep and is ready to destroy her enemies with the suitcase of demonic power. Roderick has summoned a series of demons that must be destroyed because Lenore must be prevented from being released. For destroyed demons, the player receives essences that they can use to make potions to strengthen their powers. Also, the character can learn new magical abilities. The game description reads: “200 scenes created by Annabel Lee, 9 giant bosses and 100 hidden scenes await you!”

It remains to be seen if the wild jumble of characters from Edgar Allan Poe’s stories will come together to form a coherent story. One thing is already clear in the Steam trailer: it’s not silent and contemplative in “Black witchcraft“The game is supposed to be on. April 2021 Appear.